How to manage negative customer reviews on the Internet?

Platforms that offer customers the opportunity to leave their opinion about a company’s services and products. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for SMEs to monitor and manage all notices that are posted about them. Yet too many negative customer reviews can have a significant impact on a company’s online reputation and bottom line. So how do you manage them?

Collect more and more reviews

There is a rule on the Internet that works largely against even the most serious and competent businesses: unhappy customers are always more likely to leave their opinions on the Internet than satisfied customers. As a result, if you remain passive, you will for sure end up with more negative opinions than positive ones.

This is why it is very important to put in place the necessary tools to collect as many customer reviews as possible. In this way, all satisfied customers will speak out and they will drown the minority of dissatisfied customers with a wave of compliments. Many SMEs use an e-reputation agency to deal with this problem because they do not have the means to develop their own resources. It is a very effective and perfectly viable solution.

Spread positive reviews

90% of consumers check the reviews of other customers on the Internet before turning to a business’s services. However, if you present reviews that you have selected yourself directly on your site, Internet users will be less tempted to look for other reviews on other platforms.

Of course, this technique is not foolproof and if you have an overwhelming majority of negative reviews, it won’t be able to do anything for you. Nevertheless, it allows you to highlight the best opinions that exist about your business and thus make the few negative opinions even a little quieter, provided that they represent a small minority of opinions.

How to respond to a negative customer review?

Customer reviews are useful for consumers, but also for bona fide businesses. Indeed, a negative customer opinion should absolutely never be ignored. You have to take the trouble to analyze it to understand what is being held against you. You can take advantage of this to improve your services and improve quality. Analysis tools can help you achieve this goal.

Either way, it is important to respond to negative feedback, but also to positive feedback thanking the customer. For disgruntled customers, respectfully make your case if you think you are within your rights. If you are at fault, apologize and offer compensation. Such a reaction in public will suffice to improve the image of your company.

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