How to meet ladyboys in Lyon?

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Do you want to meet serious ladyboys in Lyon, but you don’t know how to go about it? Between dedicated places and specialized dating sites, here are our recommendations to facilitate your meetings with ladyboys in the City of Lights.

Places to meet ladyboys in Lyon

The fight to meet transgender people begins, just like meeting women or men, in bars and cafes! These hangouts are perfect for getting to know a ladyboy over a drink.

However, forget your usual addresses. To approach ladyboys, you will have to go to the same addresses as they do: places that welcome members of the LGBT community, including transsexual people!

Our little top consists of the Aromo on rue Montesquieu, the Drôle de Zèbre café in the heart of the Croix Rousse, and Cap Opéra on the Place Louis Pradel. With these different addresses, we guarantee you a pleasant moment in trendy places in Lyon.

With a little luck, you may come across trans women there. If you are not part of the LGBT community in Lyon that groups together on, remember to remain courteous and show the utmost respect in these places!

Sites to meet ladyboys in Lyon

To facilitate meetings with a ladyboy in Lyon, there is no better way than to go through dating sites specializing in the third sex.

Among the many platforms disseminated across the net, two sites particularly draw our attention for the seriousness of their service: &

They are benchmarks for dating between men and ladyboys, and the good news is that the sites are twins! Creating an account on one will also give you access to the second.

Be careful though, we’re not talking about a libertine meeting here! The sites have been specially designed to promote romantic relationships. The sites are therefore mainly aimed at men who wish to build a lasting relationship with a shemale, in a dedicated and safe environment.

As of this writing you can find many profiles of charming ladyboys in Lyon and its surroundings. The number is certainly not impressive, but since very few men in France are looking for a romantic relationship with a ladyboy, you have all the chances on your side.

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