How to Monitor My Child’s iPhone?

Smartphones in general and the iPhone in particular are excellent gadgets whose usefulness is well established. These devices allow parents to keep in touch with their child in all circumstances. Nevertheless, their use can represent a considerable danger for the youngest. To counter these risks, the most appropriate solution is to monitor your little one’s phone. To achieve this, it will simply be necessary to make some adjustments that we present to you here.

Configure content and privacy restrictions

This is the first step when you want to control your kid’s iPhone. Thanks to this configuration, you will be able to regulate the use of the phone by your kid. To apply these restrictions, you must first access the “Settings” pane, then click on the “Screen time” option.

  • Then press “Continue”.
  • Confirm that the phone “belongs to your child” in the options that appear.
  • You will then be asked to enter your code and then confirm it. If the laptop has a recent version of iOS, then you will also need to enter your Apple IDs.

To complete the process, click on “Content and Privacy”, enter your password and activate the restrictions.

Install monitoring software

To protect your child and inspect their iPhone, you can also use certain applications. Of these, the Spygate software for iOS is the most recommended. This utility will help you check the messages as well as the mails sent or received on the phone. Also, you can use it to consult the multimedia files (videos and photos) present on the device.

In addition, the Spygate software for iOS offers you to geo locate your child’s phone. Thus, you will have a precise idea of ​​its position in real time. Finally, you can use this application to track calls and activities of your treasure on social networks.

Prevent unauthorized purchases from the app store

To prevent your treasurer from subscribing to services or purchasing items without your permission, this option is ideal. This is a very simple adjustment to perform on the device of the concerned. To succeed, you must first access the “Settings” pane. Then proceed as follows:

  • click on the “Screen time” option and opt for “Content and privacy restrictions”
  • tap iTunes and App Store purchases.

Finally, you will have to choose the option “Integrated purchases”, and press “Do not authorize”. Thus, your child will no longer be able to make purchases from the App store of their iPhone without your consent.

Restrict voice searches with Siri

Apple Siri’s digital voice assistant may provide access to inappropriate content for your child. You can limit its scope of action so that you only have access to the basic services provided by Voice Control. To succeed :

  • Go to Settings and choose “Screen Time”
  • Then go to “Content and confidentiality restrictions”
  • Tap on “Content restrictions”
  • Select Siri and choose the appropriate settings.

By tapping on Web Content Search, you block web searches when it asks Siri a question.

Block access to explicit content and specific classification

You will be able to prevent your kid from performing certain specific actions. For example, it is possible to block access to music or films including explicit content. To do this, you will still need to use the “screen time” option.

Once in this menu, you will have to press “Content and confidentiality restrictions”. Then, after having clicked on “Content restrictions”, you will have access to the contents on which you can apply this restriction. These include books, television series and music videos, among others.

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