How To Motivate Children To Go For A Walk?

Walking is a practice with multiple benefits, yet not always unanimously and spontaneously appreciated by children. Does your young child moan at the idea of ​​going out or show little interest in nature walks? However, do not despair.

You can use simple tips and original ideas to motivate your child and create enthusiasm for hiking. Discover all our advice to help you as best as possible in this direction.

Be original, offer him a quad trip

Little girl riding a quad bike

Rather than a hike, offer your child a ride on a quad bike. This will give you a better chance of convincing him to date you. Most children dream of driving a quad. The idea of ​​going on an adventure in the control of his own all-terrain vehicle is an experience that he will certainly want to live or relive.

Moreover, a quad trip is also interesting from the point of view of practicality and mobility. In view of the nature of the routes generally taken, the walk can be very physically demanding for the youngest and experienced as a constraint.

It is a cause of demotivation that you will not have to worry about by ensuring your mobility and that of your child with a quad for less fatigue and more adrenaline. We cannot remind you too much that a quad trip implies that you and your child have a good command of the piloting of this machine and the safety rules.

Suggest a goal at the end of the walk

A great way to encourage your child to go out is to highlight a goal or goal that they can enjoy during or after the walk. There is no doubt that your toddler will be better motivated to go on an adventure if he finds a good interest in accompanying you beyond the mere pleasure of breathing fresh air.

The goals are none other than activities (of full nature) likely to make the walk more attractive and to make it a real moment of pleasure for both.

You can suggest a picnic, for example, an original and thrilling activity such as tree climbing or swimming among others. In any case, bet on an activity that he finds interesting.

Give him a hiking outfit

Child walking in the mountains in the forest next to his father

Finally, properly equipping your child can also be a good way to motivate them and prepare them to go for a walk with you. The idea is to provide him with most of the equipment he will need for the occasion to ensure his comfort and safety on the trails. Appropriate hiking clothing is essential for walks in the countryside.

This includes in particular a T-shirt made of breathable fabric as a first layer garment. Pants preferably to protect him from the cold. But you can cleverly opt for a model of modular pants that your child can easily convert into shorts when the weather is hot.

Also offer him shoes specially designed for hiking, that is to say models with grip and cushioning for better support and protection of his feet. Finally, bring warm clothing and a waterproof layer in case of rain to avoid being surprised by sudden changes in the weather.

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