How to Occupy Your Children in a Large Garden?

Are you lucky enough to have a huge garden and are you looking for ideas to share with your child?

There are many ways you can keep your child occupied, distracted, and have a good time in your garden. You can, for example, make him participate in the plantings, install outdoor toys for him to let off steam or create a small relaxation area for him, among other things.

Involve him in planting and maintenance

A great way to keep your child occupied in your garden is to introduce them to gardening and encourage them to participate in gardening activities. Depending on its age and the season, there are necessarily many more or less simple tasks that you can accomplish together as part of planting or maintenance.

For example, you can teach them the basics of gardening, show them how to sow or plant flowers, water them, follow their progress and participate in the vegetable garden harvests. If it sows seedlings, it is recommended that you favor simple, fast-growing vegetable seeds. Your toddler will be able to admire the fruits of his labor after a few weeks.

Depending on the size of the garden, you can ideally define a plot for it so that it can develop its own vegetable garden and then entrust it with the task of taking care of it.

Indispensable toys for fun

Little girl doing pedal tractor on a path in autumn

Spending time in the garden is also the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to outdoor recreation. And so that he can have fun like crazy, exercise and spend pleasant moments in your large garden, there is nothing better than toys and outdoor games.

In this register there are well-known essentials such as the tractor, a timeless classic always very appreciated by all children. As well as popular toys like the slide, balls, a sandbox, a trampoline… which are also excellent toys to keep your child occupied for hours outside.

Individual or collective, garden toys are quite diverse, for all tastes and accessible to all budgets. Make sure to prioritize those that are best suited to your child’s age, needs or possibly preferences, and take the time to have fun together.

A swing to make the most of the outdoors

father pushing his child on a swing

The swing is also part of the category of essentials in terms of outdoor games. It is a distraction accessory that is particularly popular with children and adults alike and your child will never get bored of.

It is ideal to complete the playful environment of your garden and share moments of fun without necessarily having to go to the park. By installing a swing in your garden, you offer your child the pleasure of playing swinging in complete autonomy and serenity in his portico.

Made of metal, wood or plastic, with or without a slide, there are many types and models of garden swings suitable for all ages. The challenge for you remains to find the right and robust model for your child, to install it correctly and to supervise its use to prevent the risk of accident.

A relaxation area for a nap or a moment of rest

Little red-haired girl asleep on a wooden bench

To motivate your child to spend more time outdoors, you can arrange your garden in such a way as to make it a suitable environment for relaxation and rest.

For example, you can install a children’s hammock in which he can relax and take a nap. Better yet, you can buy or build a secure cabin for him. You will help him to arrange with everything he will need to play, rest and invent lots of stories and imagine himself living in a real house.

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