How to Open an Analysis Laboratory?

Opening a medical laboratory is reserved for doctors of pharmacy or medicine with a specialization in medical biology. Beyond diplomas, the opening of such a structure must follow a precise procedure including several parameters. Material needs, human resources, legal status and social form of the laboratory, how to go about it and what to choose?

Choose between an independent medical analysis laboratory or in a group

Before making this choice, it is important to carry out a market study upstream to better appreciate the relationship between demand and supply.

With the latest reforms in the sector in recent years, the trend is towards the regrouping of medical analysis laboratories. This is to better cope with security standards and accreditation fees imposed by the government.

However, depending on the location, an independent laboratory might be a better alternative. Indeed, rural areas suffer from a lack of medical analysis laboratories. It would be better to opt for an independent laboratory in these areas rather than a group.

What legal structure to create a medical analysis laboratory?

There is no legal status imposed for medical analysis laboratories. The only requirement for this type of structure is that at least 75% of the capital must be owned by one or more biologists. The latter or the latter must be absolutely responsible for the company.

Like any other business, therefore, it will be necessary to choose between the different forms of existing legal status. It can be an SARL, an SA, a SCM, an SNC, etc. However, upstream, it will be necessary to define the nature of the governance of the laboratory as well as the capital to be invested in it.

The tax and social systems of workers as well as the various decision-making formulas must also be defined in advance. It is the combination of all these criteria that will make it possible to choose a legal regime adapted to the laboratory.

What human and material needs to open a medical analysis laboratory?

Personnel and equipment are the central elements in the opening of a medical analysis laboratory. They must be chosen with care and meticulousness to guarantee the quality of the services offered by the laboratory.

Material needs for opening a laboratory

They are of several orders. On the one hand, we have the furniture and decorative elements to furnish each room of the room that houses the laboratory. Then there are the IT and administrative equipment for registering and managing files, monitoring payments, etc.

On the other side, we have the laboratory supplies which are by the way the most important for an opening. This is about automatic analysis and technical equipment essential for sampling, their conservation and their analysis. Finally, the equipment for disinfection, hygiene and maintenance is also to be expected.

The human needs of a medical analysis laboratory

The staff of a medical analysis laboratory is made up primarily of specialists such as medical biologists. Then there are the administrative agents made up of the medical secretaries. Finally, there are the people responsible for the maintenance of the laboratory.

It must be said that staff recruitment can be done by the laboratory managers themselves. If necessary, the process can be entrusted to a recruitment firm for a quality selection.

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