How to Open Your Mailbox Without the Original Key?

For security reasons, mailboxes each have a unique key. So you can’t use your neighbor’s if yours is damaged or lost. In such a situation, how to open your mailbox without an original key? Solutions exist and they could be very useful to you at such a time.

Opt for a PTT master key

Pass key Ptt10

The master key as indicated by its name is intended to unlock all locks designed and respecting the national PTT standard. It is moreover this key in multiple version that the letter carriers or delivery people in general use on a daily basis.

If you live in a building, go through the battery with the PTT T10 and F10 keys. These are adapted to easily open almost all of your mailboxes in the territory. Obtain a duplicate key thanks to a PTT pass, in fact, each PTT key has a number that allows a locksmith to reproduce a duplicate of yours for you if it is unusable.

How do I replace a mailbox key?

Depending on the configuration of your mailbox, it may be difficult for you to hack it. If this is the case, then the easiest will be to redo a key. But is it really possible without the original key?

Before proceeding further, it is important that you understand that in reality, a key is tied to only one lock. If you do not get a PTT key, you will have to resolve to change the cylinder in order to have a new key for your mailbox.

This maneuver cannot be carried out without first opening the door of your mailbox. Fortunately, you can ask your postman who has a PTT pass for a hand, which will allow you to open your box without damaging it.

All you have to do is remove the old cylinder from the inside by removing the nut with an adjustable wrench and manually removing the fork. This is used to fix the barrel against the internal face of the gate.

Then install the new cylinder purchased according to the dimensions of the removed one. Be sure to purchase a PTT template, otherwise it will be difficult for the postman to access your individual mailbox to drop off your packages.

How to open a mailbox with a manicure chisel?

If you urgently need a letter in your individual mailbox, but you no longer have the key, use a small manicure chisel. This approach is a bit tricky, as one wrong move could damage the lock, but it can be done safely.

The chisel by its fine and solid blade, the end of which is pointed, fits easily into the hole of the cylinder. This will simulate the presence of a key. Then press lightly and turn in the usual direction to engage the latch opening mechanism.

If you feel resistance while inserting the chisel blade, do not use force for fear of damaging the entry. The ideal in this case would be to simply try another accessory with a thinner blade, especially at the tip. It’s not the ideal solution, but if it works it could be very convenient, but don’t push it if you can’t.

Drilling the letterbox, can be an easy solution

Another alternative to quickly access the contents of your mailbox is to drill it. This is an easy fix that requires the use of a drill. Preferably choose a manual, ergonomic and powerful electric model.

As for the drill to be housed in the chuck, it should have a diameter equal to or slightly smaller than that of the lock larva. This little precaution will prevent you from damaging the gate once the machine has started.

When ready, turn on the drill, then point the bit head at the slot using force. Hold the device firmly in order to stabilize the head on the visible face of the lock as soon as you press the trigger. After the first breakthrough, you can repeat the action until the lock gives way.

How to pick your letterbox lock

Lock picking is a technique that boils down to the introduction of two metal objects into the barrel. The two tools have the particularity of being thin on the ends, hooked and resistant. One serves to immobilize the top of the wall as well as the thinnest hook and the other serves as a lever.

Once adjusted in the slot you have to turn as if it were a key to open. Normally, you shouldn’t experience any blockages. Otherwise, you will have to try another lever hook by taking two bobby pins.

Request a duplicate key from a locksmith from the cylinder

If you are not up for lifting a finger, you can contact a locksmith to get a duplicate of the original key. Locksmith professionals can make a copy of the original key for you if you no longer have a copy. However, this is only possible if you have not damaged the cylinder in the meantime.

In practice, the lock specialist simply needs the cylinder in good condition. What interests him above all is the internal wall that houses the key. This is generally unique and compatible with a single key. If this limited space is damaged, its structure or form is modified and no longer allows a certified copy to be made.

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