How to Organize a Sans Limite Party in Geneva?

The first step to throwing a limitless and successful party is to do a good preparation. If you want to organize a party in Geneva, for example, you must think earlier about the place of the party, a means of transport or the various distractions. All this in order to obtain a memorable evening. How to plan an evening without limits in Geneva? Here are some answers.

Go to the trendiest places in town

Venue selection is a key step when your goal is to have a great night out. In Geneva, there are many places where you can go out at night in order to spend evenings without any restrictions. For example, you have the Baroque. It is an essential place in Geneva’s nightlife.

In addition, as a bar with the most beautiful view in Geneva, there is the ROOFTOP 42. It offers an exceptional setting and the evenings are organized with DJs, artists or singers. Another example of a place not to be overlooked is the Chat Noir. For evenings of pure madness, this is the place for you.

Plan unforgettable moments

Two woman sitting in party drinking drinks, cocktails festive dress

Spending unforgettable moments is one of the first expectations when it comes to attending a party. Plan activities according to the type of participants you will have.

It all depends on your definition of a crazy party. For example, you can invite escorts to your party through platforms like BemyGirl. It is an independent escort agency from Geneva. Also, you can hire strippers or just go to a casino.

Travel with private drivers

Private driver in a luxury sedan

The displacement counts enormously in the forecasts to be made for an evening. Guests at your party can either live in Geneva or come from another city. Some will want to go home after the evening. Also, you may need to change places between two activities.

It is therefore necessary to have a driver at your disposal for the whole evening. Thus, you can opt for the VTC Chauffeur service. This is a Geneva agency that drives short and long distances in Ain, Haute-Savoie and the Geneva basin.

Spend the night in a high standard hotel room

Luxurious hotel room

It is important to provide hotel rooms for your guests, especially since it is an evening. Geneva has no shortage of superb establishments that can accommodate you. Nestled in the heart of the city, the Hotel Les Armures is considered to be the most historic establishment in Geneva.

It therefore has different rooms rising to the height of your participants. The Edelweiss hotel, which has the reputation of being the most Swiss, is in the heart of the always lively Les Pâquis district. There are also other recognized hotels in Geneva that can safely accommodate your guests.

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