How to organize an outdoor reception?

Organizing an outdoor reception cannot be improvised, it is prepared and anticipated like a real project. To be successful, it is important to divide the preparation time into several stages. This makes it possible to determine the time necessary to organize the reception outside and to establish a provisional schedule.

The preparatory phase

This step is crucial. Because it is during this period that you have to take the time to think about all the details. It is in this phase that we must ask ourselves and answer various questions: How many guests? When? Or? With what means? With what budget?

The study of needs and the answer to all these questions depend on many parameters such as:

The number of guests

It all depends on the number of guests invited to the reception. Priority is given to the establishment of the guest list as well as the design, printing and distribution of the invitations. The number of guests will determine the place of reception, as well as the quantity for the menu.

The place and location of the guests

Place of a guest with a name tag at a reception

A reception outside in a garden or in a natural space is a very good initiative. The only concern is that everything has to be reorganized: the arrangement of the tables, the dance floor, the decoration part, the sound system, the entertainment, the drinks and the menu. As for the place, looking for a private garden located in the center is ideal. It is also necessary to provide arbors in case of bad weather

The logistics part

This is one of the heaviest responsibilities to shoulder in the entire organization. Rent a reception tent, rent and transport equipment such as tables, chairs, sound equipment, cutlery, drinks. The search for providers is the priority.

The distribution of tasks and responsibilities

Building a team is the key to success. The organization is difficult to manage when all the responsibilities are given to one person except general supervision. Thus, sharing tasks and assigning them is the best strategy to progress quickly. This approach makes it possible to know the need for human resources.

Budgeting and planning

Woman in dress carrying a piggy bank

When the identification of all needs is completed and everyone knows their mission. The next step is to define the means, determine the budget by phases and the general budget and at the same time establish the implementation schedule. thus while establishing the budget you will be able to turn to elements which are in agreement with this one, without going overboard.

Finalizing the budget

If a budget is set in advance, this step allows adjustments to be made. By dividing the entire process into succession of tasks, it is possible to obtain budget forecasts in stages. The needs and the means are assessed financially. The possession of quotes from service providers provides

The implementation schedule

The calendar is a schedule that indicates each task to be carried out. It is necessary to determine the time frame for each step of the process.

The implementation of preparatory activities

The implementation is only the completion of the work of reflection, study and design. Throughout this stage, monitoring and respecting deadlines are the most important. This is where the whole reception will fall into place, where it will come to life and make this event an exception.

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