How to Organize in a Small Restaurant Kitchen?

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Your restaurant kitchen is too small and you have a hard time organizing yourself efficiently. You do not know how to organize your workspace to gain room for maneuver or flexibility. Note that a simple rationalization in the choice of equipment, as well as the way you arrange your equipment, could be the solution to your problem. With a few good ideas, you’ll be ready to organize yourself better in your restaurant’s small kitchen.

A good layout for a good optimization

A poorly organized work environment can make the work itself difficult and lead to a loss of efficiency and therefore of satisfaction. This is why it is important to arrange your equipment well so as to gain additional space, a parameter that can greatly facilitate comings and goings. To benefit from an optimized working environment, you can use heights. In other words, do not hesitate to have or have storage cabinets installed on the walls. This will conceal the utensils.

If you have enough resources, you can plan a food store or annex. Also, you will need a station for the dishes and another for cooking meals. The kitchen should be organized so that your storage units are secured above the crockery station. In the center must be the station for preparing the condiments or for setting the cutlery.

Good, efficient and multifunctional equipment to save space

To have a profitable professional kitchen that is fully operational, you need to be equipped with the right work equipment. By the way, there are some well-functioning tools that help the cook a lot in the daily tasks. Choose Robot Resto’s Robot Coupe Blixer for example, to save more space and have many functions on the same utensil.

Such equipment can play, on its own, the role of several utensils. Indeed, it is a robot device with a knife with smooth and serrated blades that allows you to mix any raw food. There are also the pizza dough machines, food mixers and the electric meat grinder. They are handy little machines suitable for a small kitchen and they work really well.

Flawless organization for the restaurant team

Team in a restaurant kitchen

It is a question here of defining the responsibilities of each employee and of organizing the work so that the service is efficient. A restaurant should have a manager who coordinates all activities. For the preparation of the orders, it will take a cook, this one must have a helper and a clerk who assists him in the preparation of the meals. When it comes to sending orders to the dining room, you need a versatile employee who plays the role of waiter, who is the intermediary between the kitchen and the dining room. Finally, to keep the kitchen clean as well as the dishes, you will need a plunger.

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