How to Pack for Shipping Very Heavy Loads?

Shipping heavy loads sometimes requires some logistics. You must also make a perfect packaging to move your package without worries. There are packaging solutions designed for heavy loads.

How to pack heavy loads

warehouse, worker moving heavy cardboard with hand truck on pallet

Moving heavy loads is not an easy thing, you have to pack this type of package well, so that they are well protected. A packaging that is not resistant may not hold and therefore damage the contents. Make sure your packing materials are designed for transporting heavy objects. Boxes must be new and solidly constructed with seams that are sewn or stapled. Get items that have not suffered moisture or wear and tear from previous use. To seal the box after filling it, use strong tape.

For added strength, reinforce the packaging with steel strapping

steel sheet

To improve the strength of your packaging, use steel strapping, which is capable of holding very heavy loads. Thanks to its extreme robustness, it can withstand the high tensions required to effectively strap large products. It is ideal for loads that present risks related to their roughness. Indeed, it is able to resist abrasion and tearing.

For long-term storage in difficult humidity conditions, steel strapping for strapping offers a qualitative solution. The elongation of the steel strapping remains very stable over time, which guarantees the safety of the storage of the products. This is possible even in height because the foliage retains the same tension. Its waxed finish improves the application thanks to the glide on the product concerned by the strapping.

How to ship heavy loads?

Person franking a package for shipment

To ship heavy loads, hire a professional. The latter is able to transport your package safely. Businesses use carts, pallets and lifts to move heavy loads safely. In addition, employees are trained for these types of manipulations that require significant rigor. As for the means of transport to be used, air freight and river freight can be preferred if the package has to go to another continent. As far as European connections are concerned, road transport could be suitable.

In addition, it is possible to ship your heavy loads with Colissimo or Chronopost. Colissimo delivers your parcels in France and around the world. It is capable of delivering up to 30 kg of goods. The size of the shipment should not exceed 200 cm when you add the length, width and height of the package. Chronopost also delivers in mainland France in less than 24 hours. It does it in 1-6 days to the rest of the world. The maximum weight authorized by Chronopost is 30 kg. So be sure not to exceed this capacity.

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