How to personalize your displays?

Advertising occupies an essential place in the promotion of the image of a company. It has always been a sure way to increase sales and service delivery. A display unit is an advertising medium that provides specific advertising for a product at the point of sale. It effectively catches the eye and easily influences the purchasing decision of potential customers. However, to get the most benefit from this support, it needs to be personalized and tailored to your business. This article will help you to define the contours of the personalization of your displays.

Why personalize its displays?

Although we are in the digital age, the internet is saturated today. It is very difficult to stand out from the competition and improve its popularity by focusing only on digital communication. The Point of Sale (POS) advertising is therefore highly recommended at general public events. These are the occasions when it is possible to leave a good impression in the hearts of visitors.

The displays are the most used POS at this type of event. However, for this form of advertising to generate added value, it is imperative that it be personalized and adapted to your business.

How to personalize your displays?

As you will understand, displays are important marketing tools in a company’s communication strategy. For their preparation, trust a POS manufacturer offering you the possibility of customize your displays. You will only have to give him the details of your order so that he can manufacture your custom displays. Indeed, the advent of new printing techniques, especially 3D printing and die-cutting, offers many possibilities in terms of personalization of POS. The personalization of this marketing tool therefore comes down to defining the information you want to display on it and optimizing the promotion of your products.

Start by determining the model you want and its features. Think about how many items it should contain and what crafting materials are suitable for that. Then think about the design. A display stand is supposed to attract attention in a positive way. You must therefore pay attention to the colors and aesthetics of your POS so that it puts the products forward while agreeing with your sector (mass distribution, high-end, etc.). Be really sure that the visual rendering conveys a strong image of your company and encourages the purchase of the items on display.

The choice of the location of a display

Aside from the visual aspect of your displays, you should also think about where to place them to attract the attention of a large number of visitors. Counter displays are generally placed at the reception or next to the cash register. They usually contain samples of the products you sell. They can also be used to hold advertising flyers, business cards, magazines and even newspapers.

For other types of displays, you need to seriously think about the location issue. They take up much more space than counter displays and are used to organize the storage of items well. They are often found on the shelves and at the entrance to a sales outlet.

In short, a personalized display adapted to your product range will always be more efficient than a standard display. Obviously, all existing display models are customizable in terms of dimensions or design if you choose the right company. So, do not hesitate to request a personalization for your displays.

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