How to please a 3 year old child?

Are you looking for ideas to please your 3 year old son or daughter? Well, know that there are a thousand and one ways to spoil your young child.

For example, this can be done using toys such as a pedal tractor, age-appropriate games or even outdoor activities, among others …

Here are our best ideas to please your 3 year old toddler.

Give him a pedal tractor

We can say it without fear of being mistaken, the pedal tractor is a toy that enchants and certainly pleases all children. If you’re looking for the easy way to make your 3 year old boy or girl happy, give them a pedal tractor.

In addition to being very popular with toddlers, the tractor is also a useful toy that will meet the specific needs of children from the age of 3. In particular, the awakening of the senses and help with psychomotor development. By pedaling its machine for example, your toddler mobilizes his legs and develops his motor skills and balance.

By using the steering wheel / handlebars to steer, he develops his sense of direction. Likewise, thanks to the accessories he can add to his tractor (trailer, tank, excavator, etc.), your child can stimulate his imagination. He will be able to have fun for long hours in the skin of a farmer or a site foreman.

Board games adapted to his age

colorful pawn board games

Considered to be the early learning game par excellence, the board game has, beyond the playful aspect, a lot to offer for the growth and development of your child on all levels.

According to specialists, the age of 3 is the period from which your child, who continues to wake up, begins to develop his personality and his sociability. To this end, he needs to discover, understand and interact with the world around him. This goes ideally through games.

With board games well chosen and adapted to his age, your child will be able, through fun, to develop his motor, intellectual and sensory capacities and his relationship with others.

An activity with him outdoors

Child climbing a tree wearing oilskin and rain boot holding an adult's hand

Outdoor activities are the perfect way to introduce your young child to the pleasure of playing and having fun outdoors, especially in the garden. An activity to do outside will also help your child to disconnect a bit from his tablet or TV to get some fresh air.

There are many ideas for outdoor activities to suggest to your child. Just be sure to choose them based on their profile, needs, or the abilities you want to help them develop.

Involve him in cooking or other tasks

Child and mama cooking apples

Finally, to please your child and help him develop, you can, from the age of 3, invite him to participate in small tasks at home.

For example, you can offer him help with small preparations in the kitchen. By measuring the different ingredients in a simple recipe, adding water to a bowl for example, or helping to set the table. He can also learn to store his toys, or even participate in the maintenance of the plants in the vegetable garden under your supervision.

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