How to prepare for a recruitment event?

Online ads, headhunting firms and temp agencies remain the main channels of recruitment, but they are losing ground to open houses organized by companies and recruitment fairs. To attract new talent to your organization, these events are therefore an excellent opportunity. How to get the most out of a career fair? Here are some avenues to explore.

Why are recruiting events so effective?

They have been around forever, but have experienced a long slump with the emergence of the internet. However, in this virtual world, job fairs are making a comeback and are experiencing a real enthusiasm, both from job seekers and recruiters. Why such a success ? The answer is simple: the real attracts more than the virtual. The ability to chat face to face, to visit facilities, to get to know each other genuinely are assets that no online job posting site, no videoconference interview, and no virtual tour can replace. Quality rather than quantity, this is the leitmotif of recruiting events. For example, a company like Taco Bell reported 40 new hires at the last job fair they attended, out of the 75 people who attended.

Recruitment under negotiation

Open days or recruitment fair?

There are two main types of recruitment events: open days and job fairs organized by a third party.

The open house to recruit new talents

This is a great option for businesses that already have a certain size, or a brand image that is well-known enough to attract people. Indeed, this event is held at the future workplace of candidates, who thus have the opportunity to see the facilities and imagine themselves in their job. In addition, this gain in motivation to join your company is not dulled by the sirens of other companies that might try to attract your future employees.

Job fairs

This is the option most used by companies of all sizes, as the organization of the event is taken care of by third parties: you only have to worry about your stand and how which attract candidates. There are dozens of job fairs in all regions of France, which can be organized by industry to better target the public. You can consult the list on the Pole Emploi website:

Prepare for your recruitment event

Whether it’s an open house or a job fair, the guidelines are the same to succeed in attracting the best candidates.


It is essential to inform in advance of your open house or your coming to a trade fair in order to attract as many people as possible. If you are looking for young talent, you can put up posters at local universities, use social media to advertise the event …

The presentation

Obviously, at such an event your business should look its best. However, keep in mind that you are looking to attract new employees, not new customers! Thus, the presence of human resources, capable of providing information on the conditions of employees, is much more important than that of the sales department, capable of praising the merits of your products and services. Feel free to print a brochure explaining your corporate values ​​and outlining the benefits your employees enjoy.

The promotion

This must be subtle, but present. No big posters promoting your products, but lots of promotional items that candidates can take with them:

  • Self-service cheap promotional pens, for example to fill out a contact form.
  • Personalized coffee cup, which the candidate can take away after the interview.
  • Welcome kit for new employees (you can hire directly at a trade show)

For more ideas of goodies to distribute at a job fair, you can visit the site

The importance of follow-up

You will not necessarily have succeeded in hiring all the candidates you wanted during the event (or in the days that follow), but it is only part of the delay. The follow-up of the people present at this event is doubly important:

  • To demonstrate that you do give importance to all applicants
  • To interest those who have chosen another position to gain experience, before coming to you a few years later
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