How to Prepare my Child for his First Appointment at the Dentist in Montreal?

The visit to the dentist is one of the many stages a child must go through. During the first meeting, several apprehensions can invade him to the point of preventing him from going there. Under these conditions, it is important that parents know exactly how to calm him down. Here are some tracks to follow.

Find a firm with a human and professional team

The first thing that is important to prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist is to choose the right one. cabinet. Your child may have heard things at school about the dentist. You will therefore have to choose a firm that will have everything you need to support it.

Thus, you will need to inquire about the professionalism and capacity of staff to soothe your child at the Boulos dentist. In this sense, favor Montreal law firms which are renowned for a pleasant welcome reserved for children.

Be as positive as possible about the planned exam

Little boy at the dentist, woman wearing superhero blouse

Once you have chosen the cabinet, you need to display the right attitude towards the child. This can be quite complicated due to your fear and worry for your child, but you need to know how to control yourself.

You should therefore avoid scaring the child. To do this, display a positive attitude and emphasize the beneficial aspects of the examination for the child. This will allow him to relax as much as possible and if you do it right, he will want to go.

Come with the child who has an appointment only

When visiting the dentist, you should avoid coming with someone other than him. Indeed, the last moments that the child will spend before seeing the dentist are quite sensitive. He needs your attention and comfort.

Coming with someone else, whether it is a family member or a friend, can increase their apprehension. It might even make the session unpleasant.

Explain to him the flow of the meeting

Little girl brushing her teeth with a toothbrush

During the days leading up to the first visit to a dentist, it is important to talk to your child. Indeed, by making him understand what is going to happen, you will help him to reduce the fear of going to the hospital and to cope better with the examination.

In this sense, you will have to explain to him how the visit will go. You will help him anticipate events and therefore minimize their impact on him. However, you’ll have to be careful how you talk about it.

Do not use derogatory terms about the date

One of the things that is important to understand is that your language influences your children. If you tell them properly about an experience, it will seem easier to them than if you talk to them in bad terms.

So you will need to watch what you say when discussing dates with your child or at home. Avoid offensive terms and negative images. Your child will therefore be able to go easily to their appointment.

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