How to prepare the soil in your garden when you don’t have the right tools?

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You would like to find a clean lawn and well stocked with grass, for this you must first prepare the ground. It is therefore essential to have the right equipment, but did you think about renting these tools to avoid overspending.

Why rent your equipment for the preparation of the soil in your garden

The materials and tools you will need to prepare the soil in your garden will come in handy just once. It is therefore not necessary to invest in this type of equipment, but there is the solution of renting gardening equipment. There are many advantages but also disadvantages to renting your gardening equipment to prepare your soil.

Advantage of renting equipment for your land

  • Economic
  • No need to maintain it
  • Rental of equipment in excellent condition
  • No need to provide space for storage

Disadvantage when renting equipment to prepare your soil

  • You have to travel to collect and drop off the rented equipment, which can sometimes take up space
  • It’s always cheaper than buying new, but it’s still a budget
  • Depending on the length of the rental, time is limited to prepare the ground

The different tools you need to prepare a soil

To prepare your soil before replacing sod for a neat and tidy garden, you will need a few essential tools.

Tools for weeding

To remove the weeds and keep them from coming back. We must use the appropriate and effective tools.

  • A serfouette, to weed
  • A hoe to uproot deep roots
  • A scraper, ideal for weeding large areas

Tools to aerate the soil

Before having a clean ground and with beautiful grass, it is first necessary to aerate the ground, so that the seeds develop correctly and without being stuck.

  • The beaker fork, to turn the stony ground
  • The croc, to break the boots of earth and remove the roots

Tools for leveling the floor

To avoid having a hilly ground, with bumps or simply because you want a flat ground, it is necessary to remove the bulky stones and to level.

  • The rake allows you to pick up stones and various plant debris
  • A stone burier
  • A rotovator, even out clay soils and help the lawn grow faster

To quickly grass your area you can use a thermal and self-propelled lawn mower. This material will allow the lawn to be sown efficiently and correctly.

Opt for rental equipment and tools to prepare the soil before replacing new grass. This option allows you to make real savings and now many brands offer equipment rental.

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