How to prepare your company to welcome its employees during the Covid-19 period?

The Coronavirus has forced the closure of many companies or imposed teleworking on their employees, however, when your employees return, the battle against the virus is not over for all that.

However, the virus will still be present and you have to be prepared to live with it. It is necessary that employees be protected at the height of the epidemic and for this it is necessary to make some changes in companies.

Remind employees of barrier gestures and their importance

Something important that may seem simple and clear to everyone, is not necessarily so in working conditions. Barrier measures are essential to limit the spread of the virus.

Send a reminder email or send a message

Before welcoming your employees back to the company, it is good to send an email or send a public notice reminding the current sanitary conditions and informing of planned changes within the company. Also recall once again the barrier gestures which are as follows:

  • Regular hand washing with soap, but also hydroalcoholic gel
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue
  • Use disposable tissues and throw them directly into a trash can, containing a bag
  • Maintaining a social distance, for this you must not shake hands and avoid close contact

In your company the cleaning will have to be done every day in full. This will allow minimal disinfection. After that, it is up to each of your employees to do what is necessary to avoid spreading the virus, because anyone can be a carrier without knowing it.

Install signage and distribute flyers

It is important to continually remember the rules, even if everyone already knows them. Install posters in your company in several spaces reminding them of the simple rules to follow during the coronavirus period.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, this expression is real and even more understood in this kind of situation. Do not bother to write long texts, just put illustrations representing the barrier gestures, they will be seen at a glance and more easily assimilated.

Install protective glass between each workspace

Your employees may work in an open space, or in nearby offices, and if there is no separation, it will have to be set up, for that you just need to install protective glass between each office.

Indeed, it is necessary to limit the physical contact between the various employees, but also to limit the risks of involuntary saliva projection. This is why it is important to provide a protective barrier between the different employees, if it is not possible to space them apart.

Encourage the wearing of masks and gloves

In some areas it will be necessary to impose the wearing of masks and gloves, when your employees are in frequent contact with people or objects that are to be distributed to customers, for example. But this could also be the case for each person returning to work without being able to telework, because it may not be known that you are a carrier of the coronavirus of the SARS COV-2 virus.

To have quality masks that meet the standards, just follow the link and make your choice. The mask is recognized for its effectiveness in preventing the spread of a virus.

In addition to these different protections, do not forget to wash your hands and provide dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel. Thus, your employees can frequently use it and disinfect their hands.

If some are showing symptoms, do not hesitate to stop, in order to see the evolution and perhaps do a test. The faster actions are taken, the less the virus will spread.

Encourage your employees to inform themselves properly

Information in times of crisis is essential, managers and employees must make the right decisions and react correctly. No room for rumors or information taken out of context and without precision.

Do not hesitate to share with your staff information from reliable and measured sources that make a real effort to process the information, here thought of Science et Avenir pour la disease COVID 19, popular science magazine used to dealing with the scientific information without shortcuts.

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