How to Present Professional Greetings to All Your Contacts?

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The end of year period is often used to introduce the following year. Whether in everyday or professional life, everyone strives to successfully prepare for the New Year. To this end, there are many who use the magic of professional greetings to show their attachment to their customers. However, what can be done to make this presentation of the vows successful? When to send them and what means to use?

How to present your professional wishes?

Presenting your vows is not an easy task as it requires taking into account certain essential elements, for a good achievement. In fact, there are several professional holiday greetings templates you can follow to show your dedication to your colleagues, suppliers and office customers. It is up to you to choose the one likely to charm them without any worry.

In addition to selecting the correct template, it is also important to consider the method of sending. In this case, it could be the business email, text, or greeting card.

Using email can be effective for clients overseas. However, the message can easily get lost when the recipient’s mailbox is full, for example. As a result, he may not be aware of his presence.

As for the SMS, it has the particularity of being less personal, because it is often sent to hundreds of people at the same time. Therefore, it will not always be an omen of a fabulous future in your relations with your customers.

The personalized greeting card is the right medium for sending professional greetings. It has the advantage of pleasantly surprising customers. However, before sending it, make sure that it shows an impressive design with a personalized message to suit the character and personality of each customer.

What wishes do you want for the new year?

Best wishes card

End-of-year greetings should be tailored to the recipients. For suppliers and service providers, you can highlight your satisfaction with the quality of the services provided or the material provided. Then let those customers know that you hope for such a good following for the next year.

On the other hand, if the wishes are addressed to the employees, the latter must feel valued. You need to let them know that you will always need them for the New Year. It is also an opportunity to thank them for all the efforts made during the past year.

When to send professional greeting cards?

2022 calendar

The period indicated by decorum for sending greeting cards is between December 20 and January 31. However, it is not advisable to wait too long, as your customers can get the unfortunate impression that they are being overlooked. Therefore, the ideal time remains the week before Christmas, that is, before the start of the holidays for some.

For clients abroad to whom you wish to send greetings, do not lose sight of the cultural difference. If possible, do some research to find out how these holidays are celebrated at this destination to better tailor your business greeting card.

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