How to prevent your dog from eating the corners of furniture?

Excited or anxious young dogs accumulate nonsense at home. If urine and droppings in the middle of the living room often illustrate this behavior, it is also expressed in various ways such as chewing everything they can at home.

However, it is more than annoying to note that your furniture does not look like anything any more and that their replacement is expensive without having the certainty that the doggie will not continue with the new furniture.

He doesn’t bite them to annoy you, test your limits or because he wants to eat the furniture. If he does, it is often out of boredom, anxiety or excitement. By understanding this, you should be able to solve the problem.

Catch it over and over again

It takes patience, but it is necessary. When you are at home, your dog should never nibble on furniture. Watch him and when you hear him in action, say a firm “no” to him to stop him.

There is no point in being violent or arousing with an educational prop like the ones on this website. You would just risk traumatizing the dog without him understanding the nature of the ban.

Put repellent on furniture

In the store, you can find repellent to put on furniture. The smell left in your house is thin, but the accessory is strong enough that the dog no longer tries to eat the corners of the furniture.

Put it in once before you go and see if it works.

Be careful to make the right choices in the store. You should take a mild repellant that is specifically for this purpose, and not a strong repellant that disliked people put around their homes. Otherwise, your poor animal will be uncomfortable throughout your home.

Prevent access to damaged furniture

If your dog cannot be supervised while you are away, you can prevent him from accessing the furniture. So, set up a small dog park in your living room. The dog will then have a limited space that does not allow him to go to the furniture.

Take a park adapted to its dimensions. If it’s a puppy, a small area gives it enough room to move around. If it’s a stressed adult dog, buy a larger enclosure.

Do not forget to put within these limits everything necessary for him to drink and have fun during the day. This border is not a punishment, but an adaptation to the problem. Nor is it doomed to endure. As soon as the dog stops his destructive behaviors, give him more freedom. The other solution, if the breed is suitable, is to leave the dog outside, avoiding the risk of running away thanks to a collar.

Offer chew toys as an alternative

If he nibbles on the furniture out of boredom, find other things for him. So that he doesn’t feel alone, turn on the TV when you go away. The ambient noise calms it down.

Then, arrange several toys inside the living room. Do not only put balls that he is used to chasing after your throws. It is better to offer toys that chew on like bones or deer antlers.

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