How to prevent your dog from escaping without putting up a fence?

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Adopting a dog is not an act to be taken lightly, many will tell you. If he involves many responsibilities, he is above all a real member of the family. When he escapes, running away is then terrible for us, both morally and for the risks he runs or to cause others.

So how do you protect yourself from your dog running away?

Understand why the dog goes for a walk

Above all, it is important to understand why a dog runs away. The reasons can be various: felt loneliness, hunger, heat or even a stress or a particular event disturbing the “normal” functioning of the family.

Once we understand his reasons for fleeing, then it is easier to react accordingly. For example, if your dog is feeling lonely or excluded, going for longer walks or spending time with him can be effective. Stimulation with various games can also be a solution if he is bored. If the reason for his leaks is hormonal satisfaction, it is possible to consider castration.

Running away is always scary, however it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t punish a dog for running away. The punishment of a dog must be done at the time of the stupidity. It is better to favor the reward when it comes back.

3 solutions to prevent the dog from escaping your home

Now that you have an idea of ​​why your dog goes on walks without your supervision, let’s take a look at 3 ways to remedy the problem.

The anti-fugue collar

The anti-escape collar, also called anti-escape fence, is a system operating on the same principle as the ultrasound collar but will emit an electrostatic pulse to the animal if it leaves the perimeter. A wire is to be placed around the authorized zone for the dog to delimit it.

Before the pulse is given to the dog, the collar will emit a distinctive sound and vibration that alerts it to the impulse to come if it continues to approach allowable limits. If the dog continues to approach it, then the impetus will be given.

There are many anti-runaway systems, some are more technologically advanced than others, offers you a broad view of what is best in terms of anti-runaway collar for dogs.


One possible solution to prevent a dog from running away when we don’t have a fence is the ultrasound box and collar which allow you to mark out a perimeter where the dog can walk.

The hearing of dogs being more sensitive than that of humans, it is able to detect ultrasound inaudible to us.

Ultrasound is not painful for dogs but mainly causes them discomfort. This is the reason why it is important to accompany the dog at the beginning of his installation to make him understand the principle and show him that the ultrasound can stop if he returns to the authorized perimeter.


This solution is longer and requires more investment on the part of the master than the previous solutions working before the fugue and also after the fugue. However, its results are durable and make it possible to avoid the use of unpleasant solutions for the animal.

It is based on exercises and the relationship of trust established between the owner and the animal which gradually erases any potential runaways. If the dog is forced to run away, a reminder of this rehabilitation will allow him to resume his good habits very quickly.

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