How to Promote a New Novel?

Creating a book is one of the most rewarding experiences an author can have. It’s also a challenge, not only in terms of the actual writing, but also of marketing once the book is published. This blog post discusses some great ideas and strategies to promote the release of your new book!

Participation in a book fair

By participating in the various exhibitions dedicated to books, you will be able to set up advertising media to be clearly visible

But that’s not all, there are plenty of reasons to attend a book fair to promote your new book. Book fairs offer authors the opportunity to connect with readers, sell books and build their platform.

They also offer the opportunity to meet other authors and learn about the publishing industry. By attending a book fair, you can reach more people and raise awareness.

The organization of an author meeting

Event, authors meeting

We recommend that you try to organize a small private event, such as an author meet, in order to develop your audience.

By inviting people who are already interested in reading your book, you will give them the opportunity to share their thoughts on your book. Sit in a bookstore, a library or even a café, talk about it before the meeting, online and directly in the city where you will be passing through.

Communication on social networks

person writing on their keyboard seeking inspiration for tag line

There are a variety of advertising tools that can be used to promote the release of a new book. The most common and effective methods are online ads, such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

If your communication budget is not high, social networks are the means to communicate to an audience that is both large and targeted without exceeding this budget. Sharing your subscribers, appealing to small influencers against sending your book, allows you to communicate at a lower cost.

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