How to properly manage wedding photos during the Covid?

Photography is essential to immortalize a wedding ceremony. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration of such an event implies compliance with a number of rules, whether it concerns photography or other services. If you are about to get married, here are some tips for managing your wedding photos in these new conditions.

Unique and personalized masks for everyone

According to the regulations relating to the coronavirus pandemic, the wearing of masks is mandatory during the celebration of weddings. Provide masks for your service providers, whether it is your caterer, your bridesmaids, your hairdressers or your makeup artists.

By opting for unique and personalized masks for your guests, you are guaranteed to have original shots. You will find on the market pretty fabrics with exceptional patterns that can be used for the design of personalized masks. You can also opt for a theme specially dedicated to the occasion regarding the motif to be inscribed on the masks.

Find a photographer ready to follow you throughout the day

The photos that will be taken on the wedding day will undoubtedly allow you to immortalize this event. To properly manage photos despite the Covid, it is important to use a better service provider, able to adapt their photos to the health situation. Her main goal will be to come up with unique ideas to make this day special.

You need to find a wedding photographer who can take exceptional photos of you and your guests. The latter will thus have to adapt its settings to respond to the dimensions of the different places or to the changing light.

Photos of weddings, just for two

To properly manage your wedding photos during the covid, it is advisable to consider a photoshoot for two. This solution may allow you to not be in contact with the virus in case some of your guests are infected.

This also allows you to maintain the safety distance, which is at least one meter. In addition to this point, remember that it is after all a ceremony specially dedicated to you and your partner. It will take a few minutes to slip away in love, to take photos for exceptional memories.

In this context, it is recommended to opt for outdoor wedding photos to take advantage of the light. In all cases, it will be necessary to ensure respect for barrier gestures and avoid great proximity with your guests on your wedding day.

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