How to properly monitor the brakes of your car?

The brake is an essential component in a car and deserves constant monitoring. The performance of the braking system ensures your road safety. It is therefore important to continuously check your vehicle and have it inspected.

Detecting anomalies in your brake can prevent certain accidents and quickly change it. Not to mention that the brake must be changed after 3 years or 4 years.

What are the most common breakdown symptoms?

Recognizing brake faults is essential in order to be able to remedy them quickly and ensure your safety on the road. Frequently encountered malfunctions are squeaking, whistling brakes or brake problems. They occur because of brake pad wear or a defective disc.

It is common to see the car’s brake pedal sink too easily and become less firm. This problem is often caused by brake fluid contaminated with water or air. It is also possible that it appears as a result of a system leak.

Some people experience brake vibration problem underfoot or a burning smell. These phenomena appear regularly in the event of wear of pads or discs.

When to change the brake disc?

Brake discs are surely the most vulnerable auto parts. Its change is therefore important as soon as you notice a failure such as a crack or beads on their surface. They must then be replaced in the event of mechanical damage.

The number of kilometers can indicate the right time to change a brake disc. In general, it is replaced every 60,000 km to prevent wear. During this change, you also need to refurbish certain auto parts. Before selling your car, also replace your discs.

When to change other parts of the brake system?

Other than the discs, other parts of the brake system should be monitored regularly. For the brake pads, replace them every 30,000 km driven. It is also essential to change them in case of wear and low brake fluid level.

For brake calipers, wear is often difficult to detect. To know the right time to replace them, you have to rely on certain signs. Be vigilant in case of temperature rise, corrosions on the pistons, noise or vibration of the braking system.

The braking system contains brake hoses which must be replaced as soon as cracks appear. As for the wear indicator switch, it must be changed at the same time as the pads.

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