How to properly prepare for leaving the family home to continue your studies?

Depending on our study choices, we may have to continue our school career, away from the family home. This obviously represents a significant change in our life, and it is best to plan it well. Here are some tips that may help those planning to study in a city other than their own in the near future.

How to prepare for leaving home?

Find the right accommodation

Of all the preparation steps, this is certainly the most important. When we have always lived with our family, being alone in a home can cause us many difficulties. Because with independence, also come responsibilities: taking care of shopping and meals, cleaning and the management of everything involved in housing. It is often not as easy as it sounds, when you dream of having your own apartment. This is why it is advisable to look for student residences, in order to find those that can help us make a transition without suffering too much stress and anxiety.

Prepare your move

If you plan to come and spend many weekends at home, this may be slightly less important. But for those who are leaving for several months, it is better to plan their move well in advance, so as not to forget anything important behind. First of all, we have to think about what documents we may need away from home. Passport or identity card, driving license and other legal documents should not be forgotten. Then you have to think about the documentation that relates to the school.

As for the rest, we obviously have to think beyond the next two weeks. Someone who is going to study in Lille in September will have to think that in November they will have to bring out the winter coat, gloves and a hat. What can be the most difficult for a young person leaving home for the first time is the loss of benchmark. It is therefore important to bring with you what you can. We think here of a musical instrument or headphones; these elements that reassure us at home and which will have the same effect once we reach our destination.

See friends again before you go

Although modernity brings us the comfort of seeing our friends from a distance, during video calls, it is still better to group them all together, once, before leaving? This allows us to take maximum advantage of them. Because, in the end, the physical presence of a person cannot be replaced …

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