How to properly prepare your child for his stay in a summer camp?

A real adventure for children, the summer camp is often a highly anticipated moment, in reality, it often gives the child a feeling of autonomy. However, a successful stay requires careful preparation. The latter is carried out both materially and psychologically, because despite the excitement the day comes the child can be stressed by the separation. How to prepare well for your child’s stay in summer camp?

Put the odds on your side so that he does not lose any business

The summer camp is also a great fun time for children, so they can indulge in several fun activities. Usually distracted, toddlers pay less attention to their effects, so many business losses are recorded during this stay. In order to remedy this situation, it is therefore necessary to take certain measures. For example, with Stikets you can make customizable clothing labels. Thus, your little treasure will recognize his clothes more easily and it will be easier to find him, whether the child or vice versa, the animators will be able to make the clothes more easily.

Tell him about the program of the stay, so that he does not feel lost

Usually, colony organizers prepare brochures containing certain practical information. You will find, among other things, the program of the stay in the community. Although it may seem trivial, it is important to discuss this planning with your child.

Already, this will allow him not to feel lost during the colony. In addition, he may have apprehensions about certain planned activities, so this moment of discussion will be an excellent opportunity to reassure him and make him understand that he is not risking absolutely anything.

A little pocket money to have fun

Although shopping opportunities are rare in summer camps, the fact remains that they do exist. Indeed, stamps and other postcards can be purchased for correspondence. Also, excursions can be organized by the animators of the camp, it is often the occasion for the children, to buy trinkets in memory of their stay.

You can give your child some pocket money. If you fear that he will lose this money, know that a very simple option can be exploited, it will be a question of entrusting the sum to the animators who will keep it until the moment of the exit.

Reassure him about parting with you

One of the main goals of summer camps is to teach children a certain autonomy. More concretely, participants have to wash, brush their teeth and take care of their belongings themselves. Faced with this eventuality, many children dread going to a colony. You should therefore take the time to prepare him for it, especially if he has never been separated from you.

For example, let him spend a weekend with his grandparents to see how he is doing. In addition, do not worry if your toddler still wets his bed, a real phobia of children and parents, this situation can be solved with a very simple trick. Just show her how to put on a pull-up diaper discreetly before putting on her pajamas and you’re good to go.

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