How to protect a folder on Windows with a password?

Whether business or private, the documents you process on your computer can be of utmost importance. Do you have confidential files on your computer that you want to protect in order to prevent access to other users? Discover in this guide the effective techniques and tools to protect a folder on Windows with a password.

Set up built-in encryption

Also called encryption, this method consists of making certain folders on the computer accessible to authorized users. To set up a built-in encryption, you will need to proceed as follows: right-click on the folder you want to protect and click “Properties”.

Select the “Advanced” option. In the tab called “Advanced attributes”, check the box “Encrypt content to secure data”. Confirm by clicking on OK and on “Apply” to save the settings.

Use software 7 – Zip

To protect a folder on Windows, you can use 7 – Zip data compression tool. To do this, download and install the 7 – Zip software from the publisher’s official website. Right click on the folder to protect, then drag the mouse over “7 – Zip”. Click on “Add to archive” to access the various protection options offered by the software.

Select the folder to protect and then create a password to encrypt it. Click “Ok” and let the encryption and archive creation process complete before closing the utility. Your file is now encrypted and access to its content will be subject to entering the password you have configured.

Use data encryption software

To protect your sensitive files, you also have the option of using data encryption software.

VeraCrypt – To take advantage of open source

VeraCrypt is open source software for creating encrypted containers on a computer. The principle is quite simple: you create a container, a sort of folder containing the files to be protected.

To protect a folder with VeraCrypt: open the software and click on “Create Volume”. Leave the “Create an encrypted file container” box marked and click “Next”. Leave the option “Standard VeraCrypt volume” selected, then click “Next” once more.

Now you need to choose the name of the file to protect and its location and then choose the encryption algorithm. You can opt for AEST, SHA-512 configuration. Define the size of your container and create a password to protect it, then move the mouse within the window.

The purpose of this maneuver is to generate random data that will ensure sufficient entropy for the encryption keys. Finally, let the progress bar turn green, then close the program.

Protect Folder – For the encryption of your data

Protect Folder is data encryption software that allows you to protect your files and folders with one click. After downloading the software, you will need to create a folder where you will move all your files and documents to protect.

You can select yourself where to store the file. Then choose a password to secure the folder, confirm the password, and then close the app.

Folder Lock Lite – Compatible with all Windows versions

Folder Lock Lite is a reduced and free version of the popular Folder Lock program. Compatible with all Windows versions, the software has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to use.

When the program opens, you will be asked to enter a password, then you will have to confirm by entering the code again. After this step, you will have access to the software and all its options. Locking is done by a simple action consisting of “dragging” then “dropping” the files to be protected.

Folder Guard – Top security!

Folder Guard is a program that allows you to secure your private folders and documents. It supports NTFS and FAT / FAT32 type disks. Folder Guard has the merit of also controlling external disks (USB keys, etc.) so as to restrict access to their content.

Available as a free download (trial version), Folder Guard is one of the software most used by professionals. It is easy to learn, therefore accessible to anyone wishing to encrypt their data.

Folder Protector – Protects your folders

Folder Protector is free software dedicated to protecting computer files. It uses BLOWFISH 256-bit encryption algorithm to protect folders with a password. The particularity of this program is that its encryption time is quite short unlike other software whose duration depends on the size of the files to be protected.

After its installation you will see an executable file “lockdir.exe” in all your folders, you just have to double click on it and enter your password if you want to protect the folder.

Why protect your records?

Folder Protection prevents you from leaking sensitive and confidential data when you lose your device. Also, it prevents you from permanently losing your files if your machine is infected with malware.

Also, protecting a file by an encryption method or software reduces the risk of exposure of the file in the event of a virus attack. To protect a folder on Windows, do not hesitate to use the aforementioned software and methods.

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