How to Protect Your Hammock Swing for Winter?

As winter approaches, it is essential to think about protecting your hammock swing well from winter bad weather. But how do you go about it?

You must first of all take care to clean your hammock swing. Then, depending on its material and design, you can either put it inside or cover it with a tarpaulin or a protective cover if it has to spend the winter outside.

Tuck her inside

To protect your hammock swing, you can simply move it inside your home or put it away. This therefore implies uninstalling your furniture throughout the winter. Of course, this measure applies precisely if you have a model of swing that can be dismantled or whose design allows you to move it easily when needed.

When your swing allows you to dismantle it, a major concern you will be faced with is choosing the appropriate room in which to winter its components. For wintering a hammock swing, foldable or modular, the ideal is to have a shed or garden shed.

However, in the absence of a garden shed, know that a cellar or your garage can just as well do the trick. However, whatever storage space you choose, it must be large enough and not damp to avoid the risk of mold.

Put a tarpaulin or a protective cover on the swing

In aluminum, wood, resin, metal or plastic… not all swing materials have the same resistance to bad weather. Depending on the material of the model you have, it will be imperative to cover your swing with a tarpaulin or a protective cover.

It’s a practical solution that will make your life easier. Especially in the event that you are unable to disassemble your hammock swing and it has to spend the winter outside, in the garden. When choosing the tarp or cover, be sure to go with a model that offers full coverage and good ventilation.

In addition, if you have a swing with a wooden or metal base, consider raising them if you plan to leave your furniture in your on the lawn. This will prevent them from bathing in the wet soil of your garden.

Before putting it away, clean it

Bottles of cleaning products, colored

Long before you rush to put away your hammock swing or cover it with a tarp outside, you must first clean it. This is essential so that it is clean, preserved from stains, mold and in perfect condition of use with the return of the sunny days. Start the maintenance with the cushions and covers as well as all the textile elements.

Naturally, you will have to clean each material taking into account the specific washing characteristics which are specific to it. You will do the same for the structure of your swing. A simple wiping with a cloth or washing with soapy water may be sufficient for an aluminum or PVC structure for example.

The same is not the case for a wooden or iron model which needs treatment based on specific products. An anti-rust coating against corrosion, if your swing is made of wrought iron. Or the application of a protective oil against the grayness, if your swing is made of wood.

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