How to quickly create a forum with forumactif?

Nowadays, a website, to play its role perfectly, must be as dynamic as possible. Among the most popular options for making a website active is the creation of a discussion forum.

A forum allows exchanges between users of the same service. Forumotion is a forum creation service you can count on. Here is how to use forumactif to quickly create a forum.


For a professional, the creation of a discussion forum is very important, whatever your industry. A forum is a loyalty tool that brings together a community around your brand image. You just have to see the strength of a community like the one on Club Poker or the loyalty of Doctissimo members to notice it.

It allows you to have customer feedback quickly and free of charge. In addition, it helps boost your web referencing. So, forumactif facilitates the creation procedures. But before you start creating a discussion forum, you need to know what you want.

Indeed, you must have in mind the type of forum you want to set up and which really corresponds to your theme of activity. Do you want to create a private forum, a discussion forum, a forum with classifieds, a posting forum, among others? You must first have all the necessary information in mind.

This is how you will save time with Forumotion which offers few steps to create your forum.

Fill in the form

Once you have in mind all the information relating to the type of forum you want to create, go to the Forumotion website. You don’t need to have any computer knowledge.

In just a few clicks and minutes, your forum can be active online. Go to the creation form which allows you to create the forum engine as well as the associated graphic theme. You will be offered various versions: PhpBB3, ModernBB, Invision or PunBB.

Choose the forum version according to the features offered. Once the choice has been made on the type of forum to create, you will have to take the time to fill in the forum information requested on the form:

  • enter the title of your forum;
  • make a description that will facilitate its research on the internet;
  • give an internet address.

This is when you should learn about SEO and keywords to know how to attract your first visitors. You may need SEO tools like Yooda, but let’s stick to our forums!

Then, you must fill in the information relating to the administrator of the forum: email address and password.

Before validating the form, it is always good to read the general conditions as well as the confidentiality rules implemented by Forumotion.

Validate the creation of the forum

The advantage with forumactif is that you will be guided through the creation process, from start to finish. You will therefore not be able to go wrong in filling out the form with the required fields. Once these are completed, validation will be quick and simple.

Forumotion notifies you of the effective creation of the forum and then allows you to access it using the “access the forum” icon.

As an admin, you will be able to personalize the forum, make some changes and above all animate the exchanges or the content. You will be able to share various information relating to your activity and Internet users will deliver their opinions through the discussions.

The creation of a forum with forumactif is fast, efficient and free.

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