How to quit your CDI job without losing your rights?

Do you want to quit your permanent contract while retaining your legal rights but don’t know how to go about it? Do not worry !

To terminate your CDI contract without risking losing your benefits, all you need to do is submit a valid resignation to your employer. For this purpose, you must write your resignation letter and respect the notice period before any work stoppage.

What are the conditions to be able to resign?

As a permanent employee, resignation is a right granted to you and which you can exercise at any time after observing a notice period. However, for this breach of contract on your initiative to be valid, two essential conditions must be met.

Above all, you must show your employer your clear and unequivocal desire to end your employment relationship. Then your resignation must not be abusive. In other words, it should not be taken with the intention of harming or causing harm to your employer.

How does a resignation work?

The resignation follows a relatively simple process. You must first indicate your wish to resign from your post to your employer orally or in writing by sending him a letter of resignation. And then you get down to respecting the notice period.

Writing a resignation letter

Writing a resignation letter is not mandatory to signify the termination of your CDI. We recommend her to you, however, for the merit she has of removing any ambiguity as to your clear and unequivocal desire to resign.

To write it without breaking your head, you can simply refer to CDI resignation letter templates easily accessible online.

Once written, you can hand it over against a discharge. Or send it by post with acknowledgment of receipt. Your resignation is in principle final at this stage. But exceptional cases of withdrawal are provided for in the event of doubt about the real desire to resign.

Complete the notice period

Presenting your resignation letter is not sufficient to validly leave your post while retaining your rights. You must imperatively complete the notice period. It involves continuing to run your CDI until this period has elapsed.

The length of the notice period is generally defined either by the contract itself, or by a collective agreement or by local law. That being said, there are certain circumstances in which you may be exempt from notice. Especially in case of large or with the agreement of your employer, etc.

Would I be entitled to compensation when leaving my CDI?

Of course. In the event of a valid termination of your CDI, you are entitled to various indemnities. These include in particular the payment of compensation to compensate for notice, as well as compensation for paid vacation and the early release of your employee savings (at your request). You may possibly benefit from unemployment benefit (ARE) in the event of a so-called legitimate resignation.

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