How to react when you surprise your partner with another in bed?

This disaster scenario is the dread of every man. You come home from work early, open the front door, but don’t see your wife. Then, some noises coming from the room arouse your curiosity. You walk into the room, happy at the pleasant surprise your unexpected arrival will cause.

And there is the drama: the woman you love is having sex with another. How to react ?

Instinct will guide your steps

In this situation, the nervousness that invades you suddenly can make you lose control completely. Thinking about the worst beforehand can, failing to guide your driving on D-Day, avoid the most common mistakes.

Violence is the worst and can lead to tragic drama. If you need to “explode”, hit the wall or swing an object across the room. Don’t hit the man, even if he’s a friend and the betrayal is awful, or your wife.

Don’t look for explanations right away

The discussion that will inevitably lead to this deception must not take place around the bed while the two are still naked, with a big dildo in the sheets and the smell of their bodies still floating in the air.

Express your disgust in words, or say nothing if you don’t know what to say, and go.

Where to go after this discovery?

Don’t make a hasty decision. The hurt inflicted on your heart can give you bad ideas. You might want to come back for revenge, burn down your apartment, or kill yourself. These thoughts are normal, implementing them is not.

Prefer a quiet place to recharge your batteries. A municipal park and a walk along the lake will make you enjoy a welcome silence. If you have a friend that you share absolutely everything with, you can go to their place for comfort.

Avoid calling on family. You don’t know what decision this adultery will lead to, and you don’t want your family to judge it now. Also, if you are part of a religious family and your partner is supposed to be a virgin, the consequences could be serious.

Reconnect with your partner

Chances are, your partner or wife will try to call or text you very soon after you leave. Tell him that you need time to avoid reacting badly to his betrayal.

Then, a few hours or days later, get back in touch with her to chat. The nature of the exchange does not depend on her, but on you.

If you want to break up, tell her and fix with her the practical details such as the move or the management of current affairs in the home. If you want your questions answered, demand candor and ask your questions.

There is no good reaction. Forgive or leave are personal choices. It is especially important to avoid the bad reaction under the influence of anger, the rest is up to you.

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