How to reduce your consumption of sugars during a diet?

Damage caused by excessive sugar consumption on the body are no longer to be demonstrated. You have to face the problem by adopting a suitable diet otherwise you will have unpleasant surprises such as severe diabetes.

If you are full of willpower, here is some tracks to explore to stay the course.

Fuel your willpower and desire to say no to sugar!

The sugar is everywhere around us and in almost all foods: the consumption of sugar is almost inevitable. This is the reason why the first thing to do is to feed your mind with the reasons why you have decided to say no to sugar by limiting it to what is strictly necessary.

To do this, take a sheet and list the reasons why you decided to go on this diet, from the most trivial to the most important.

Then put this sheet somewhere where you can read and re-read it every day to nourish your mind and achieve your goal. Practice a read aloud so that your words become embedded in your subconscious. Gradually, these ideas will take hold and guide your way of life.

Make new food decisions

Always take care to read the nutritional data of the foods you buy to find the sugar hidden there as shown and denounced in the movie Sugarland.

The consumption of sugar is necessary for the organization. Nevertheless, there is a problem of quality and of quantity of the sugar consumed. There are many variations of sugar with more or less different effects on the body. Your job is to identify bad sugar in your diet.

It is the same for sugary drinks usually filled withsweeteners and of substitutes sugar. Beet syrup, molasses, sucrose, lactose and galactose are the most well-known names of sugar. In a word, avoid at most industrial foods and go natural!

You have to take into account new food options. Give more space to whole foods like whole grain bread and rice, quinoa, or whole wheat pasta. A pasta dish feeds you much better than a canned tartiflette stuffed with sugar …

Try them alternatives to sugar in your meals like honey as well as maple or agave syrup. Cane sugar is also preferable to white or brown sugar.

On Sagesse Santé, you will get many elements for a successful zero-sugar diet, but also for developing a state of mind conducive to lasting changes in your diet.

Put an end to snacking: eat healthily with good, balanced, homemade meals. And if you do, be careful. For example, choose dark chocolate over white or milk chocolate. In addition, it has beneficial effects on the heart.

You should reduce your sugar intake until you reach the daily intake recommended by favoring natural and good quality sugar contained in the right foods.

Engage in activities that boost your morale and well-being

The body functions systemically, which means that any action has cascading effects on various organs. It is therefore important to have a healthy lifestyle in addition to a sugar reduction diet.

Practice regular physical activity adapted to your lifestyle. Get enough sleep, as insufficient sleep and fatigue deregulate appetite and increase the urge to consume sugary foods.

If you’re facing any health issues (which prompted your stopping sugar), talk to your doctor about your changes and set up medical checks to make sure your pace matches your physical needs.

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