How to Register a Brand Name for an Online Business?

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Creating an online business is more and more popular, anyone can do it with a little willpower and a lot of work. But several questions come up concerning the brand itself, Should I create a brand name? How to create a brand name online? How to deposit it? but also Why?

How to register a brand name online? Filing a brand name is the same principle for a physical store and an online store. And this takes place in 9 steps which are rather simple when done well:

  • It will be necessary to determine the products that will be covered by this trademark registration
  • Check the availability of this brand
  • Register the mark on the Inpi by filling out an electronic form
  • You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt with the filing date as well as the national number
  • The INPI will examine your request, advise you, propose modifications or affirm their objection.
  • You will then respond to these objections
  • The INPI will publish the registration of your trademark in BOPI which is the official bulletin of industrial property
  • In the end, you receive a registration certificate that must be kept

These are simple steps, but can take several months. It is therefore essential to think carefully about the brand name before filing it quickly without thinking, knowing that changes in the process can come at a cost.

How do I find the brand name?

The answer is yes you have to create a brand name and register it if you want to build an online business that runs over time. Online this name will correspond to your brand, to the name of your store, but also to your domain name. Everything is linked so it is important to choose it well and for that it is sometimes better to go through a naming agency like As seen for trademark registration, we must ensure that it is a good domain name, available that would not need to be modified during the registration process. To do this, choosing to go through a naming agency is the best solution, but you will still need to have a few rules in mind to find this brand name with them, even if they will be real guides.

Before defining the name, create the universe of your brand

Before even thinking about a name, you will have to define who you are. You will therefore have to know your positioning, your customers, your target, your values ​​and your product. The name you choose will reflect these points, so find the brand name that works for you and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Focus on your Unique Selling Proposition

Once you have a broad idea of ​​the previous points, you will have to refocus, because you will not be able to bring out all your values ​​and your universe in this name. See the priorities, those that differentiate you from your competitors, find the advantage that is unique to you and that will forge your identity.

Some things to remember when finding this brand name

We will have to find an original name based on keywords. By having a few keywords in mind, you can associate them with each other, play on phonetics or on simplicity. While thinking about your brand name, you have to imagine your logo, to have an idea of ​​the future and to remain logical. If you are aiming for the international you can also go for English speaking names, which can broaden your search and sometimes be the key to differentiating yourself from your competition. However, a French brand name can have a high value abroad. Finally after all this research you will have to make sure that you did not scatter yourself and that this name reflects your brand and value proposition. Ask yourself what this name makes you think of, does it match your target customers, will they get the message, is it easy to pronounce and remember?

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