How to regulate the temperature of your office?

Extreme heat or cold can affect your productivity in the office. Also, it is essential to regulate the temperature. Discover the simple and effective tips that we suggest for creating appropriate thermal comfort in your workspace.

How to regulate the temperature of your office when it’s cold?

To maintain a ambient temperature when it is cold, several solutions are possible. Thus, you can install a system of heating in the office or install insulation.

Install a heating system

Heating equipment is an excellent way to protect yourself from the cold. The choice of this device must take into account the surface of your workspace. We advise you to choose a quality device to reduce your energy consumption. the radiator Inertia is one of the most commonly used variants of equipment for such use. This device is ideal if you want to enjoy a ideal temperature during your working hours.

Installing an oil-fired boiler is another alternative to consider. For such an installation, the help of a heating circulator is essential to improve the performance of your heating. Take the advice of a specialist to choose a quality circulator.

Install insulation

If the room belongs to you, do not hesitate to insulate your walls. Prefer insulation from the inside because it is inexpensive and provides better comfort. To properly insulate the interior walls of your room, choose solid and resistant materials such as polyurethane or glass wool. If necessary, call on a renovation professional for your work.

How to regulate the temperature of your office in hot weather?

In hot weather, use a air conditioning system or of ventilation to lower the temperature of your office.

Cool your office with an air conditioning system

The air conditioner is essential equipment to fight against extreme heat and reduce the humidity level into a room. To choose your device, take into account its power consumption, sound volume, filter and useful options. In most cases, it is recommended to buy a device with an energy class between A+++ and A. In addition, choose a device with the following elements:

  • a thermostat;
  • electronic programming;
  • a timer;
  • a remote control.

In the event that you install an air conditioning system, it is important to know the associated conditions of use. We suggest that you avoid directing airflow from the air conditioner at you. Also, avoid excessive ventilation. It can harm your health.

Failing to place an air conditioner in the office, choose an air cooler. This equipment is ideal for filtering the air and cooling you down. It has the advantage of being economical and ecological.

Reduce the temperature of your workspace with the help of a fan

The fan is conducive to creating a pleasant air current while you work. If it is too hot, it is possible to optimize its cooling effect. Placing ice cubes or a damp cloth in front of your fan is the most common method for this purpose.

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