How To Relax After A Triathlon With The Massage Gun?

Have you just finished your triathlon and want to recover quickly and efficiently? We highly recommend that you have a good massage gun.

Below are some tips and tricks on how to use a massage gun optimally, allowing you to relax well after intense physical exertion.

Start by using the massage gun at a low speed

The recovery massage is a long process that must be done gradually. To start the session, go at low speeds to slowly excite the muscles. It is generally recommended to use speeds ranging from 5 to 10 percussions per second on a pistol which has on average 20 speeds.

Go over all the areas of your body that you worked on during the triathlon

The muscles that contract the most after the test are the ones that were used the most, such as the biceps and triceps of your legs and feet. These areas should be relaxed with the gun, preferably with the cylindrical head Bullet, making successive passages of less than a minute each.

Gradually increase speed for deeper work

Woman using massage gun on her biceps

As you feel your muscles “wake up”, gradually shift to higher gears for a deep massage. The purpose of the recovery is to break micro-contractures caused by muscle damage. Massage from the bottom up to bring toxins back to the heart and facilitate their elimination.

Repeat several times a week for real effectiveness

During the recovery massage, the relief is immediate and pleasant, but as an athlete muscle pain is common. So don’t be shy aboutuse your massage gun at any time and even several times a week to keep your muscles at their peak efficiency at home, at the gym, outdoors or even in the office, you can take it anywhere.

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