How To Relieve Burning Tongue?

Burning or stinging of tongues are ailments that do not spare anyone, children or adults. Multiple causes and in most cases benign, a tongue burn can be particularly unpleasant and bothersome for you.

Fortunately, there are natural tips and remedies that can give you real relief. However, in case of intense or persistent burn followed by abnormal symptoms beyond several days, seek medical advice and treatment.

Understand why you have a burning tongue

You may have a burnt tongue after a hot meal or after drinking a hot drink. But the burning sensations can also have various explanations. As this symptom is involved in various pathologies, the diagnosis can be somewhat complicated to establish. The causes of your burn can therefore be multiple.

Its symptoms may appear without any noticeable abnormality on your tongue or in your mouth. We will then speak of burning mouth syndrome. Your tongue burns can also be a manifestation of an oral condition such as glossitis. It is an autoimmune and infectious disease that generally results in a tongue that stings, swells and changes color in particular.

Other problems are likely to be suspected including:

  • A yeast infection
  • A canker sore
  • A food allergy
  • The stress
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Cancer (more rarely)

Some tips to relieve your tongue burns

Honey taken with a spoon in a cup

Most of the time, tongue burns are transient. In general, their treatment is prescribed depending on the cause of their appearance. Hence the interest in having yourself diagnosed by a health professional.

That said, while waiting to consult and in case of a less intense burn, there are remedies and tips from grandma that you can apply to relieve or alleviate your symptoms. You can for example:

  • Drop honey on your tongue
  • Suck a piece of sugar
  • Suck or place an ice cube on your burning tongue,
  • Take a yogurt or make a mouthwash with fresh milk
  • Chew mint gum

Persistent or intense tongue burn? Consider seeing a doctor

Doctor, arm crossed with stethoscope and pen in pocket

In the event of an intense tongue burn, it is recommended that you seek medical attention without delay. The same is true when the burning or tingling sensations persist for several days and the above grandma’s tips prove ineffective.

If you notice any worsening with the appearance of symptoms such as lesions on your tongue, swelling or any abnormal aspect of it, do not hesitate to get diagnosed by a doctor.

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