How to Remove Silicone depending on the Surface?

Very useful for most repair work in your home, silicone sealant is a product that has the annoying tendency to become easily encrusted on affected surfaces.

The good news is that there are specific or household products that you can use to dissolve it or remove it from the substrates it is stuck on.

Here are some effective tips for getting rid of silicone based on surfaces and how to apply them.

How to remove silicone from a sanitary element?

Removing the silicone encrusted on a sanitary block is relatively simple but quite delicate. If the amount of glue is large, you can start by removing a certain amount using a box cutter.

You can then use a specific product such as white vinegar or joint remover to properly remove the rest of the glue on the sanitary ware. In the first case, it suffices to apply a little vinegar on a cloth and put it on the surface to be cleaned and wait for a few minutes before rubbing.

For the second product, you just need to apply the sealant and spread it on the silicone. You will just have to wait the time prescribed on the instructions for use to rub and get rid of the glue. In the absence of pastes, you can use other products as effective and suitable as white spirit, acetone or clay stone in particular.

How to remove silicone from a glazed space?

Whether it is a door or a window or any other glazed surface, the operation must be carried out with great delicacy in order to avoid damaging the glass.

To carry it out you will need either a razor blade or a cutter, or a plastic spatula preferably. You will use it first to gently scrape as much of the seal as you can on the surface of the glass.

Once this is done, you can then use a suitable product to remove the rest of the silicone. In particular, you can use acetone which you will have to apply to the surface with a damp cloth / cloth. Or, failing that, resort to a natural product such as household alcohol or clay stone.

How to remove silicone from my clothes?

There are several simple solutions that can help you easily remove the silicone embedded in your clothes. For example, you can use a paper towel and an iron to get rid of it. Just place the paper towel over the silicone stain and iron with your hot iron for about 30 seconds to peel it off.

Along the same lines, you can use a hair dryer to try to soften the silicone and simply remove it with a teaspoon.

How to remove silicone from your hands?

Whether it’s on your fingernails or your fingers, removing silicone sealant from your hands won’t be complicated. Before it dries, you must hasten to remove it with a paper towel.

Otherwise, you will have to resort to other tricks. In particular, the use of acetone, household alcohol, sealant or an abrasive sponge soaked in white vinegar to remove erasely the silicone on your hands.

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