How to Ride Faster on an Electric Scooter?

The electric scooter is a very popular means of transportation today. It offers many advantages, in particular the saving of time and the saving of energy. The original legal speed for an electric scooter is 25km / h, but if you want to go faster, it is quite possible to increase it. Here are some tips for getting around faster on an electric scooter.

Choosing the right scooter model

To ride faster on an electric scooter, the first step is to choose your model on There are different types and brands of electric scooters available in the market. To make your choice successful, it is important to take into account various selection criteria. The first element to consider is the weight of the device which must be light as much as possible. In outlets, the weight of a scooter varies from 10 to 16 kg, but there are some lighter models with a weight of less than 8 kg.

Another point to consider: the autonomy and speed of the scooter. It is estimated that a good electric scooter offers a range varying between 20 and 25 km at a maximum speed of 25 km / h. For optimal performance, the best option is to bet on a lithium battery for example. On the motor side, belt scooters offer more speed.

Participate in scooter competitions

In order to improve your driving in terms of speed, you can participate in competitions specific to scooter users. Indeed, there are many competitions devoted to this mode of travel, especially in freestyle. You can see them on the Internet or around your place of residence. If you are a beginner in this field, it is best to choose a category of competitions suited to your level.

This approach offers you the possibility of evolving in crescendo and without skipping steps. Participating in a scooter competition allows you to better understand the mechanism of the device and especially to practice different running speeds. As you move from level to level during competitions, you will know how to change the original legal speed in order to move faster.

Become a professional athlete in riding the electric scooter

Are you very comfortable with the electric scooter and want to experience even higher speeds? You can orient yourself towards the world of scooter racing for professionals. To this end, you must complete specialized training to become a professional athlete and subsequently participate in major competitions. This is the case of the electric scooter F1 called Electric Skootr Champioship (esc) which was launched this year. On the circuits of this new motor sport championship, various electric scooters will then have to compete.

However, before moving upmarket, you need to go through races that are less prominent but just as competitive. These include departmental or regional tournaments dedicated to electric scooter professionals.

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