How to save energy and money with 100% free LED bulbs?

Energy spending contributes to climate change as well as to increased household financial costs. To fight against global warming and allow households to reduce their electricity bills, the French government has decided to put in place a legal framework.

The latter aims to promote actions favorable to energy saving. One of the flagship actions is to allow households to replace filament bulbs with LED bulbs free of charge. How to benefit from it? We tell you everything in this article.

How can I receive LED bulbs for free?

To facilitate the fight against global warming, incentive measures have been put in place. They result from the energy transition law promulgated on August 17, 2015. According to the regulations, households wishing to take actions to reduce energy consumption such as changing light bulbs will be able to benefit from reduced taxes and bonuses.

If you are planning to replace your old bulbs with LED bulbs and want to take advantage of the free offer, you will only need your tax notice. The request is made online on several platforms dedicated to the free distribution of LED bulbs. In addition to your tax notice, useful information will be requested online such as the number of people in the household.

Here is a selection of platforms on which it is possible to receive LED bulbs.

The website for a pack of 5 bulbs

My free bulbs offer a pack of 5 LED bulbs if you want to replace your old models with high energy consumption. The granting of LED bulbs is conditioned by the income ceiling on this site.

It should also be noted that the number of bulbs increases according to the number of people in the household. To receive the pack of 5 ampoules, go to

Reduc Light: a pack of 6 LED bulbs offered

The Reduc Light website allows households to benefit from a reduction of 35 euros on the purchase of LED bulbs. The pack consists of 5 LED bulbs and is offered according to the income cap. To get it, go to Reduc

Carrefour offers a pack of 5 bulbs

The large Carrefour brand is no exception to this movement. It also offers 5 LED bulbs in its pack. This possibility is subject to an income limit and the Carrefour loyalty card. Moreover, Carrefour has associated its subsidiary Cartuel with this campaign.

Auchan’s website for a free kit

The last site to get your LED bulbs on is Auchan. Auchan’s offer is more complete than that of the other sites mentioned above. Auchan’s eco-energy kit consists of 2 faucet aerators, a flow meter, a shower head and 5 LED bulbs. The kit comes with a guide with some recommendations for adopting good habits in terms of electricity consumption.

Can I request it several times?

The conditions for benefiting from LED bulbs are the tax notice and the household income limit. Only low-income households are concerned. Although LED bulbs are offered, that does not mean that they can be obtained at will from energy suppliers.

The number of LED bulbs is fixed on the basis of well-defined criteria. The free offer is unique. If a household benefits from it once, it will not be able to enjoy it again. This limitation is effective even if the household in question makes the request on another platform.

Who implemented this opportunity?

When it comes to the free offer, it’s hard for a lot of people to believe it. When the offer is extended to a general public, one suspects a plot or a forgery. As part of the free LED bulbs, it is the energy suppliers who finance the project indirectly. The offer itself is the result of the energy saving certificates (EEC) system.

Why is it advantageous to take advantage of this offer?

Several advantages derive from the free use of LED bulbs. First, by taking advantage of these free offers, you take advantage of a unique opportunity to reduce your energy consumption. According to the ADEME survey report, lighting constitutes 12% of household electrical energy consumption.

The question of the use of filament lamps, halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps continues to be debated. LED bulbs are therefore an opportunity to have very economical and ecological lighting at home.

Apart from the advantages of LED bulbs, this offer allows you to replace your old bulbs. You won’t need to take out a single euro until you have LED bulbs in your home. LED bulbs have a cost that is not necessarily within the reach of all budgets. You might as well seize the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: having LEDs without paying anything.

In addition, you should know that the LED bulbs contained in the packs offered are of better quality and perfectly meet European standards. They last a long time and can be recycled. Moreover, they light up in record time.

You are now equipped to save energy and money with LED bulbs. Do not hesitate to access the platform that suits you the most to take advantage of this free offer.

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