How to Save Music to USB Flash Drive?

With a USB key, you no longer need to clutter up your favorite artist’s album covers when you need to travel. These easy-to-carry gadgets can indeed be used to keep several albums simultaneously. Plus, copying files to these input devices is pretty easy. Here’s how to go about save music to a USB stick.

Provide a key with space to put as much music as possible

USB drives can help preserve files regardless of their original format. However, before starting any transfer, it will be necessary to ensure that thedevice storage space is large enough to accommodate the content to be copied. Failure to perform this check could indeed cause your procedure to fail. You should therefore be very careful when purchasing your external storage medium.

For temporary storage, for example, the capacity keys between 2 and 4 GB are largely sufficient. But when the file size exceeds these values, you should consider using a higher capacity key. By the way, adopting the latter option could help you collect as many songs as you want. Considering the brand in your choice can also prove to be beneficial in the long run. For good reason, this makes it possible to ensure the quality of the device and to benefit from optimal performance.

How to proceed to record music on your USB stick?

Saving audio files to a USB key is done in several steps. The first of these will be to find the folder you are looking for. This can be done in different ways depending on whether it is already on a device or whether you need to download it first.

If the file is on your computer and you want to transfer it to the key, you must insert the key in the adapted port. Then, go to the folder containing the file to save. You will then only have to copy and paste it on the local disk. You also have the possibility of create a folder to find and select your favorite songs more easily.

If, on the other hand, you have to download before transferring to the key, you must make sure that the platform is well secured. By doing this, you will avoid becoming the target of hackers. YouTube is precisely one of the recommended interfaces for such an operation. You are probably wondering how to successfully get video files as music. However, it is very simple to achieve.

Simply copy clip link whose MP3 or MP4 file you are looking for. Then you paste this link into a converter to make the format change. The next step will be to save this version on the computer and then transfer it to the USB stick.

A simple command could help you perform this maneuver. All you have to do is select the file in thewindows explorer and right click. In the menu bar that will appear, click on “send to” and then on the name of your key. The transfer should then take place after a few minutes. It should be noted that its duration will depend on the type of key and the size of the file.

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