How to Save Music to USB Flash Drive?

During your travels, for example, you may need to listen to music. It gets complicated when the tracks are saved on your computer or Mac. It is therefore necessary to make copies on a USB key. So, recording music on a USB stick is definitely possible: let’s find out how you should go about it.

Register from your PC

Saving music to your USB drive from laptop requires just a few clicks. So, after turning on your computer, insert your USB key through one of the ports. You must allow time for your PC to recognize the storage. Once recognized, the USB key is displayed in your explorer after your internal disks.

You can rename the drive or let Windows give it a name. Whether the music is on your desktop or in a folder created for this purpose, sending is very easy. You need to right click on the file using your mouse. After selection, a dialog box appears. Click on “Send to” to select the destination in other words, your USB key. Another option allows you to copy tracks directly to paste them to this device.

Record from your Mac

Copying from a Mac does not follow the same process. Unlike Windows, your audio tracks are located in the iTunes folder. Therefore, to access this folder, after turning on your Mac, you must click on Music and then on iTunes Media. Another click will bring you to the folder containing your music.

So, after inserting the USB drive into your computer, open it and also open the iTunes folder. To copy your music, you just have to select the different audio tracks and then drag them onto the USB stick. When copying is complete, eject the device before removing it.

The more GB your USB stick has, the more music you’ll put!

Usually, iTunes folders take a lot of space. To enjoy a rich list of music, you will need a USB key with a good storage capacity. This will be a very important asset.

Depending on your listening needs, you need to choose the key you need. Thus, USB key manufacturers offer storage of different capacities that you can choose according to your needs and your means.

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