How to Scan a QR Code?

The QR code reader is the tool you need to scan or read the data contained in a QR code.

This tool is in the form of a feature built into recent smartphones running Android and iOS. But there are also third-party apps that you can download from the Google Play Store or the APP Store to perform the same task.

We explain how to scan a QR code with your Samsung or iPhone phone.

How to scan a QR code with a Samsung?

It is quite simple to scan a QR code on a Samsung smartphone without even having to go through a third-party application. That said, the procedure to use may vary depending on the model you have.

In general, it is the Bixby Vision feature built into the manufacturer’s devices, especially those in the Galaxy range, which allows you to read the QR codes from your phone’s camera. To do this you just need:

  • Open the photo application on your smartphone
  • Then locate the Bixby eye icon and click on it to trigger the Bixby Vision function
  • Then point the camera on the QR code to scan it and read the information or open the link it contains.

In addition to Samsung’s Bixby functionality, another alternative to reading your QR codes is to use the Google Lens solution offered by Google or to go through a third-party application that can be downloaded from the Play store.

How to scan a QR code with an iPhone?

Person scanning the qr code of a parcel with an iphone

2 different methods are available to you to scan QR codes on your Apple smartphone depending on whether the code is on an external image or inside the device itself. The first method is to use your iPhone’s camera when the QR code is on an external image.

Since a 2017 update to iOS 11.0 Apple has made its iPhones capable of flashing and reading QR codes. To do this, you just have to open the camera. In optimal light conditions, then place the QR code in the field of the sensor for the scanner. Finally, press the notification that appears to discover the decoded information.

The second method is to use the Safari browser, when the QR code is inside your iPhone, on a web page in particular. All you have to do is access the page containing the QR code from your Safari browser. Then use the Force Touch option on the QR code to decode it, then move the generated pop-up up to access the information contained in the code.

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