How to secure a patio railing securely?

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Attaching a railing to a patio is not an easy task. If you have no DIY knowledge, we advise you to call a professional. In the opposite case, here is the practice to fix a patio railing safely.

Prepare the ground and take the landmarks

Before considering the installation of a guardrail, it is essential to prepare the ground so that it is clean and healthy. Check that the wall housing the guardrail is not cracked and / or imperfect, then clean it thoroughly.

Then, you will have to take the measures for the guardrail. First, take care of measuring the width of the wall in order to place your first reference line. It must be located 8 centimeters from the outer edge and is used to visualize the position of the first hole in the posts.

Place a post on the line, mark the position of the second hole, and draw a new leader line along the wall. The two lines must be perfectly parallel, as they represent the location where the posts will be screwed. All you have to do is mark the location of the posts, with a maximum gap of 125 cm.

Drill the wall and install the railing posts

To start drilling the wall, follow the marks you have previously drawn and mark each hole to be drilled with a pencil. To verify that you haven’t made any mistakes, place a witness post before you start drilling all of the holes. Dust them off before starting to install the posts.

For post installation, most railing kits are used with bolts, lag screws and expansion anchors. Before giving the last turns of the wrench to secure a post, you can check that it is straight with a spirit level.

Install the handrail and fix the horizontal bars

After fixing the posts, it’s the turn of the handrail. To determine the location of the holes to be made, place it on the posts. It is preferable to be several during this stage, so as not to drop the handrail. Remove it, then drill the holes with a suitable bit.

Once the handrail is fixed, all you have to do is fix the horizontal bars for protection. It depends on the railing model, but generally the posts are designed to easily fit the bars. For mandatory standards, do not forget to place a bar at least 45 cm from the ground.

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