How to secure your company’s emails?

You should know that more and more hackers attack companies in order to make money very quickly. Indeed, today there are computer viruses capable of blocking your computer or even which will allow the hacker to take complete control of your PC. When you take into account the fact that a lot of sensitive data passes through the company’s messaging service, you realize the risks involved. To best secure your messaging and more generally the IT equipment of your company, it is still best to call on an external company.

Malware that travels in email attachments

You may think that it is necessary to open or download an infested attachment for your computer to become infected with the virus in turn. This is wrong, since today, hackers are capable of creating viruses that will install themselves on your PC as soon as you open the email, so a single second of inattention can cost you dearly.

Your mailbox happens to be easy access to all company data, industrial espionage being what it is, it is very important to secure your email account, simple passwords may not be enough.

Ransonware is an even more dangerous new virus, since the hacker will take your computer hostage. All your data will be encrypted and you will then have to pay a certain amount to hope to recover it. Unfortunately, the moment an encryption key is used, it becomes impossible to bypass it and all of your information is potentially lost.

Proven Email Protection Methods

To begin with, before we delve into the various anti-spam and anti-virus software that exist, let’s consider the simple methods that exist to protect the data that passes through your email. You must absolutely check that the encryption of your data is correctly used by your messaging service. This will prevent anyone from reading the banking information that can flow between the different floors of your business.

In theory, an anti-spam filter is always present in a mailbox, but it may be essential to call on another company to optimally protect all your exchanges carried out on the net.

Software that will protect your data

There are companies that market software that will act as a barrier between your computer and attacks from the net. With an efficient firewall and a system for handling spam that can reach your optimal mailbox, you will be safe from many hacking attempts.

Altospam is considered an excellent anti-spam service capable of stopping dangerous emails before they even enter your virtual mailbox. So that you are aware of the threats you have escaped, Altospam sends you a monthly summary of all the protection operations that have been carried out without you necessarily realizing.

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