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In France, second homes represent a prime target for thieves. During 2015, nearly 110,000 cases of burglaries were recorded in secondary housing. And that number is only increasing over the years. Because it is unoccupied most of the year, the second home is more exposed to the dangers of break-ins and theft. And since it is often set back and isolated from the rest of the dwellings, delinquents have the time and leisure to commit their offense without risking being caught. It is therefore essential to improve the security of secondary housing by using specific security elements and by adopting good practices.

Secondary residence: install a remote monitoring system

Remote monitoring is a protection device that allows you to guarantee the security of your home while being at a distance. This system integrates the installation of several elementary equipment such as alarm, motion detectors, CCTV camera, etc.

Installing an alarm to protect your second home is one of the best solutions for individuals to repel malicious people. Thanks to a alarm connected to your smartphone, you will directly receive an alert when an intruder tries to enter your home.

You can also bring in the police to stop the burglar.

The alarm in the house with remote monitoring is the perfect equipment to secure your second home.

Secure the access to your home

Another way to deter thieves from breaking into your secondary accommodation is strengthening of all access. Among other things, it is imperative to install a quality lock on the gate and on the various doors of the house. Take the time to choose a model that meets the standards and whose level of deterrence is indicated by the manufacturer.

Windows are not to be overlooked, as they are the preferred entry door for burglars. If you have roller shutters, also consider reinforcing their closure by installing anti-pinch locks. So do not hesitate to use the services of professionals to examine all possible options for modernizing and make your shutters tamper-proof.

Entrust the monitoring of your home to a professional

If you can afford it, employing a guard is a great alternative to prevent your second home from becoming the target of thieves. This one will take care of monitoring your house on a daily basis and can even have access to the interior of the property to make sure that all is well and notify the neighborhood that the home is not totally uninhabited.

Do not leave your valuables in the second home

If you have the opportunity tobring your valuables at the end of your vacation, do not deprive yourself of it. Secondary homes are often attacked because outlaws know valuable items are kept inside.

To avoid losing a valuable item, don’t leave it in the house when you are away. Even if the offender manages to enter your residence, he will come out empty-handed, because he will find nothing there.

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