How To Send Your Fragile Goods Safely?

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Do you want to send your fragile goods safely? It may seem complicated, especially considering the risks of breakage, loss or exchange that you run. However, you can limit these unforeseen events by following our recommendations!

Remember to pack well with suitable boxes *

Cardboard is the first protection your packages benefit from. Use for this purpose double or triple corrugated cardboard boxes of quality and adapted to the size of your objects. This will give them optimum protection against impact during handling, storage or shipping.

Nothing could be simpler to buy your double corrugated cardboard boxes, it is possible to do it online. Go directly online to order your boxes and receive them directly where your stock is. Once the boxes have been found, you have to choose the type of cushioning that will keep your goods safe inside.

The setting in the box is essential

Using the wedges as a padding system inside the boxes keeps the merchandise in place while insulating it from shocks. For example, bubble wrap, kraft paper, air cushion dunnage, polyethylene foam, dunnage particles and corrugated paper sheets are used.

Bubble wrap

Person protecting furniture with bubble wrap

It is a type of plastic packaging made up of air bubbles on its surface. It is effective against shocks, humidity and dust. It is available in several models, such as the protective film with air bubbles or the bubble wrap bag.

Air cushion wedging

This method consists of using films inflated with air to prevent objects from touching each other by compartmentalizing the spaces of the box. This process uses the pre-inflated air cushion boxes. You can also use an air cushion machine, allowing you to make your own air cushions.

The other options

You also have other options, depending on the goods to be stalled, and the budget:

  • Kraft paper is a biodegradable and resistant paper often used as a wedge. To use it, you must crumple it to fix the position of the package in the box. On the market, you will find it in the form of a roll of 450 meters or simple sheets of ready-to-use paper.
  • Polyethylene foam offers the advantage of easily adapting to many types of packaging. It also allows goods to be protected against shocks, and serves to protect particularly fragile devices, such as telephones, television screens, tablets etc.
  • The wedging particles, the wedging chips are biodegradable particles sold in sachets that are poured on the goods for the wedging and are particularly effective against shocks. You will find two models on the market, namely the polystyrene chips and the wedging crimp made from other materials.
  • Sheets of corrugated paper, they are stronger than Kraft paper, and are available in the form of a 50 meter roll. Their use concerns heavy and bulky packages.

Clearly indicate the fragility

Box of goods with fragile label

To protect the product during handling, it is important to put on the protections stickers or tape with the mention “fragile”. The labels can also have the messages “do not spill”, “dangerous products”, or any other labels which can indicate to the delivery person the level of fragility of the contents of the box. This is so that the delivery service automatically takes more care of it than a so-called classic package.

Choose qualified transport providers

It is very important to use transport companies that offer the services of professional couriers, used to handling fragile objects. This way, you can be sure that they will deliver your merchandise efficiently and professionally.

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