How to set up your own employee portage business?

Wage portage has been on the rise in France for several years. It can be profitable in the sense that you will have less expenses and will take more or less important commissions on the interventions of your employees carried. The question being: how to create this kind of business? A simple online platform is not enough to get started.

Choose the status of your company

A PEO is a company like any other. It must be officially declared. To do this, you need to find legal status for it. Typically, this is an LLC or SA. There may indeed be shareholders in this kind of company.

Ask a lawyer to draft the terms of the statute for your business. This will be necessary for you to register your activity in the RCS.

The administrative and legal conditions to create a wage portage company

There are some administrative and legal conditions to be respected to create a company of wage portage. In particular, the minimum capital, contributed by all shareholders, must be 20,000 euros.

In addition, you must take out professional insurance that covers the interventions of your employees. In addition, there are compulsory insurance for a large or small French company: group health mutual, retirement insurance, etc. Indeed, within the framework of a wage portage contract, the ported employees retain their social rights.

Collaborate with the PEPS

Once the administrative and legal procedures have been approved, you still have to find collaborators to launch your business. To do this, we recommend that you collaborate with the PEPS. It is a well-known union in France. He can offer you different profiles in different fields.

Needless to say, the creation and smooth running of your professional website are important for the search for candidates. Collaboration with unions does not prevent spontaneous applications.

In any case, be careful to sort the profiles of the ported employees that you offer. It is about your reputation in the market, and therefore, your success. It should be noted that wage portage can apply to several trades: consultancy of all kinds, provision of personal services, etc.

Ensure the communication of your company

As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the communication of your company. Do you have collaborators? It’s already a good thing ! From now on, it will be necessary to find the contracts. Of course, the employees can also prospect for you. However, most of the work will be your prerogative.

Prospecting for a porter company is not that different from that of a traditional company. You need to be as active on the Net as you are in the market. Use social networks like classic SEO techniques, or even different marketing approaches to ensure maximum visibility. It is important to be as active as possible. The wage portage sector is also starting to be very competitive at present in France.

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