How to soothe sunburns with simple natural remedies?

Summer is here, there is little chance of escaping sunburn even with good protection. We must therefore find solutions to soothe sunburn afterwards. Use an after-sun, why not, but it’s even better to go through simple natural remedies.

Milk to appease

You just have to place a little fresh yogurt on a very clean cloth and apply it to the various burns and sunburns. Lactic ferments have anti-inflammatory properties. After about 15 minutes the pain will already start to reduce.

Aloe vera the trendy natural ingredient

This succulent plant is made up of many amino acids, which allow the skin to regenerate naturally, but also to heal quickly. The trick is to apply some aloe gel directly to the sunburn and let it soak in.

Lemon, anti-sunburn citrus

You will not need to drink your fresh lemon juice this time, but simply apply it to the burns. This technique instantly soothes the pain caused by sunburn. In addition to an immediate appeasement, the lemon allows you to refresh.

The tomato, grandmother’s remedy

Vitamin A helps rebuild the skin, and the tomato is full of it. Always have a tomato in your fridge, for a good salad, but also for awful sunburns. A small slice to rub on sunburns.

Honey, the goodness of bees

This remedy is a little more delicate and less pleasant, for its sticky side. But it is certainly one of the most effective, with its antiseptic and healing properties. Place honey directly on the burns for soothing within 15 minutes, then rinse. In addition to its soothing virtues, it is a very good ingredient for the skin.

Cucumber to decongest

Many virtues are known for this plant, anti-oxidant, decongestant and soothing. We must therefore take advantage of them and put them into practice. Two solutions are available to you, apply washers directly to the burns or mix it by adding a few drops of oil and apply it.

White vinegar or cider

Not the first element we immediately think of, but the acidic PH present in vinegar helps regulate that of the skin. Do not apply the vinegar directly to the skin, it should be diluted with a little water and applied to a compress or a clean cloth and then deposit it on the burn. To avoid any recurring odor, you must rinse well.

Green tea, we infuse it and apply it

To relieve inflammation and avoid irritation, on more sensitive areas such as the one affected on the face. It is easier to place a tea bag, for that make it, infuse and immerse it, then in ice water before placing it on the burns.

All these remedies will allow your burns to reduce, your skin to be soothed. Good for sunburns but very good for the skin. They are therefore ideal allies for the summer, remember not to eat them all.

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