How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery?

A dead battery is a situation that can happen to anyone. Fortunately, starting a car with a dead battery is relatively easy.

Depending on the circumstances, you can start your vehicle using jumper cables or start in second with the help of people near you.

Start with cables

This is a relatively simple method that you can use to start a car with a dead battery. However, you must have jumper cables. And most importantly, get the help of a second car with a charged battery that will be used to power your vehicle.

Step 1: bring the two vehicles closer together

The jumper cables have a limited length. You must therefore start by bringing the vehicle of the motorist who is helping you sufficiently close to yours in order to make the connections. They must be close enough without however coming into contact.

Step 2: Connect the red cable

The red cable is the one that should be connected first. To do this, open the hood of the second car, identify the location of its battery, and connect the first clamp of the red cable to its positive terminal. You must then connect the second clamp to the positive terminal of the discharged battery.

Step 3: Connect the black cable

The black cable plugs in second. Proceed by connecting one of the cable clamps to the negative terminal of the charged battery of the vehicle that comes to your aid. Then connect the other clamp to the negative terminal of the dead vehicle battery.

Step 4: Start the engine of the car that supplies electricity to yours

Start the vehicle that powers your dead battery. Once started you must let the engine run.

Step 5: Then start the car with the dead battery

Then start the vehicle with the discharged battery and let the engine run.

Step 6: disconnect the cables

After about 10 minutes, the dead battery will have had time to recharge a little to hold on. You can then disconnect the cables in the reverse order of their connection.

You must therefore first disconnect the black cable on the negative terminals. Then disconnect the red cable on the positive terminals of your battery which has been recharged, then on that which was used for recharging.

Start without cable, in seconds

In the absence of a starter cable or a rescue vehicle, this alternative method can also help you start your vehicle with the battery being discharged. It does, however, require physical effort and a few extra arms to help you.

To apply this method properly, you must start by holding down the clutch pedal, shifting to second and removing the handbrake.

You can then ask the people helping you to push the car. When it has picked up enough speed, slowly and gradually release the clutch pedal. Your engine should then start. Otherwise, repeat the steps until successfully started.

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