How to start club karting?

Karting is a variety of motorsport. Practiced on a circuit, it is governed by a set of standards, especially with regard to the beginnings in karting. So, if you dream of practicing this sport in a club, here is how to become a certified pilot.

A necessary internship period

If you want to start club karting, the best thing for you to do is to complete a training period beforehand. There is a multitude of approved schools for this purpose with great internship offers for quality teaching.

Accessible from the age of seven (7), the program combines theoretical and practical teaching and takes place outside school hours. Directed by professional piloting instructors, the course develops reflexes in children and allows them to trust themselves.

You have to be aware that, even if karting is far from being as dangerous as a sport like Formula 1, there is no such thing as zero risk.

Equipment for exercising sport

Like any sport, karting requires the right equipment: the car and the gear.

To choose the right kart, you have to consider three main factors: age, experience and budget.

If Karting is accessible from 7 years old, it must be said that not all vehicles are suitable for all. Thus, a child under 12 can claim a car in the Mini-kart or Minimes category. Therefore, as his age evolves in parallel with his body size, he will be able to acquire another model of kart.

Regarding the experience, it alludes to the various features of some karts that cannot adapt to every sportsman. This is particularly the case of KF1, 2, 3 which require a minimum of professionalism. Finally, your budget should guide you in choosing the vehicle. If your means do not allow you to acquire them, consider second-hand vehicles without problem.

After the car, you must have essential equipment for sports. It makes in particular a full face helmet, a combination, a neck brace, a pair of pilot glovess, high shoes and one rib protection vest. Each of these accessories has a specific role to play for your protection during the circuit.

The final stages

Karting is a sport requiring excellent physical condition and a good knowledge of automobile mechanics, hence the rigid regulations around its access. In France, to practice sport, you must have a license from the French Motor Sport Federation (FFSA). It is the supreme body which directs Karting in this country.

The license is obtained from a club orKarting Sports Association (ASK) to which you have already joined and on presentation of a medical certificate. We distinguish the leisure or training license and the competition license. Prices vary depending on ASK. With complete freedom, you can get information and join the club of your choice.

In addition, once the license is obtained, you must pay a track fee. These fees are paid according to the daily or annual option. Note that this last offer has many advantages, especially economic ones.

So that’s what you need to do to start karting. So don’t waste any more time. You can quickly start your experience in this equally interesting motorsport.

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