How to Store Your Garden Swing in Winter, so as not to damage it?

When winter arrives, you have to protect yourself, and this also applies to garden furniture! To protect your swing from winter bad weather, there are different ways that depend more or less on its material.

Winterize your garden swing in a room

The first enigma to solve is that of knowing where you are going to store your garden swing that you have chosen. The ideal would be to have a room large enough to contain it, such as a garden shed, a cellar, or a garage. Then, optimize the use of space in your room by redeveloping it, in order to prepare for the arrival of the swing.

However, before starting the storage, clean the cushion covers of the swing in the machine, or more gently by hand with lukewarm water and the salon. To keep them, opt for airtight plastic covers, or rather vacuum storage covers, in case you run out of space. In fact, the latter are very practical because they allow the air to be sucked in from the bag and reduce its grip to gain space.

For storage, depending on whether your swing has a modular structure (foldable) or not, you will have to manage with the space that you have been able to obtain in the room. Start by storing the covers / bags containing the cushions. Before even thinking about putting it away, the ideal is to give it a little cleaning, so that the swing is well maintained.

Protect your swing from the elements with a cover

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The resistance of your swing to bad weather depends on the material of its structure. Usually, aluminum, treated wood, PVC or quality woven resin swings are more resistant than most, and can overwinter under the terrace or in the garden with a minimum of protection (cover), this is the advantage of some swing. Wrought iron needs an anti-rust coating to prevent corrosion.

But in general, whether left in the garden or stored in a room, if you want to find your swing in all its condition when the dragonflies arrive, its protection must go through a cover. This should be of good quality, with good breathability and conform to the shape of the swing. With a little vigilance, you will find that waterproof polyethylene covers are the best fit.

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